The Moving Services Industry: The Effects of Going “High Tech”

Moving services industry - high tech 44444Technology and innovation are taking over the world, and more and more companies are focusing on adapting to change to function better and grow rapidly. Technology has greatly impacted the services industry lately, and one of the most recent corporations to adapt is the moving and packing business owners.

Now you would wonder how exactly technology can affect the advancement of moving and relocation. But having seen numerous organizations complying with this amelioration, their services have improved abundantly. If you own a moving company and haven’t caught up with any technological advancement yet, it is about time you do. 

Here are a few aspects of how going “high tech” has influenced the moving industry:

Apps and Websites

Well, not too high tech as it sounds, but apps are being adapted by moving companies to make it a bit easier for users to benefit from their services and the best offers. Websites have already prevailed for a few years now, but the development of apps is making the offering and booking services much simpler, like how users can book their services with just a tap of a button. Young people have no time to waste and are generally impatient, and so mobile applications are a success amongst them.

Apps are also used by drivers, who can easily track the location and reach the destination without wasting time. Apart from these factors, mobile driver apps also include barcode scanners, electronic signatures, record archives, and integrated imaging, which eliminate almost all the hassle following the end of the service.

Use of Telematics

Telematics is a field of study that is used to monitor vehicular movement to ensure driving safety, mapping the distance, locating the vehicle, the speed of the vehicle, and many other aspects related to vehicular technology.

The moving industry is adapting to telematics for their trucks and trailers to increase efficiency. It reduces the cost of fuel, saves time by accurate location detection, and, more importantly, ensures the safety of the driver and the vehicle. The use of telematics is rapidly increasing, and the moving companies are thoroughly satisfied with the use of this smart technology.

Tracking Available to the Clients

Moving companies realize that a lot of people put their trust in them in moving their precious assets from one location to the other, and so to further the trust, many companies have started offering the benefit of tracking their goods once they are off to dispatch. They use real-time tracking apps, which can show them their goods handled by the mover and they can be rest assured about safety. This also allows the companies to take control of the timetables and move according to the schedule and delivery which is promised to be on time.

The clients also do not inquire about the status of their assets that much if they have the online tracking on, thus saving a lot of time. This increases efficiency and the trust gained in the company which can increase the clientele by manifolds.

Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Functions

Companies have started using the concept of artificial intelligence for various functions, such as estimating the duration of the entire process and estimating the cost and the accurate amount to charge the clients for the type of service they would like to get. Now that companies have started working internationally on a regular basis, artificial intelligence helps big time when wanting to accurately plan things from the beginning to the end.

The pickup points and locations, nearest stations, and the duration of the schedule can be accurately estimated since international locations are tricky to decipher at times. 

Improved Customer Care Support and Ticketing

Having a proper customer care support system to take feedback or listen to the customers’ complaints is essential if you want your clients to have the best service with your company. Again, artificial intelligence plays an important part here. Bots are programmed to recognize the kind of conversation and figure out what to say.

They speak to the customers and solve problems online efficiently. This allows the companies to have a 24/7 customer care service, hence satisfying their clients and taking feedback to improve. Clients are provided with tickets through which they can talk to the customer care and get their problems solved. It cost the companies less money every month, and they get to hold on to their clients.

Moving services industry - high tech 432x33Dashcams Are Becoming Important

Every vehicle is being equipped with dash cameras now, and since moving companies own a large chunk of trucks and trailers, it is important to have one on each of their vehicles. Dashcams allow recording and provide evidence if any tragic incident occurs. These have also recently exposed incidents which were set up by a criminal.

The driver’s safety is definitely important, along with the priceless possessions of the clients, and thus dash cameras are becoming more and more important to use if you are constantly on your vehicle like in the moving industry.

Putting Up Referrals for the Clients

A few moving companies have started putting up referral follow ups wherein they request their clients to review and recommend their company to others. Word of mouth has been the best marketing tactic ever, and people contact companies through references, especially within friends and family.

If clients start leaving positive reviews and rating your company on your website, there are higher chances of fetching more and more clients. Pictures and videos are another effective way of marketing apart from putting it in words or conveying verbally. A majority of people would contact you based on the things they see and read. 

These are some of the high technological advancements which are being incorporated in the moving services industry. Other tactics used are email marketing, social media, CRM systems, and software to manage the entire system and book on the go. The moving industry has been in effect for over 200 years, and with such efficiency that you cannot imagine the technology being involved in it. But as you can see, unimaginable advancements are being added to this industry, and it is only for the better. Technology surely makes things easier and more efficient.


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