Multi-functionality to be the growth DNA of HVAC Packaged Unit Industry

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Today is the world of “all-in-one”. HVAC packaged unit industry consists of a packaged HVAC system containing every component in single unit placed outdoors. HVAC package units are being made available in large as well as small sizes for meeting diverse needs, i.e. the ones based on the cooling/heating capacity of the building.

The houses that are devoid of basements/crawl spaces prefer smaller package units for cooling and heating, whereas multi-tenants and commercial residential buildings prefer a bigger HVAC package unit. Rooftop is the ideal place to install HVAC packaged units. It could also be installed on concrete slab adjoining the foundation of the building.

Various all-in-one cooling and heating configurations of HVAC package unit, which forms the basis of study of HVAC package unit industry research report by Persistence Market Research (PMR) include:

  • Packaged Air Conditioner

A packaged air conditioner encompasses every element of a system AC – air handler, coils, and compressor. It also has heating coils or electric heat strips. This system proves to be ideal for warm climate where requirement of heat is not a regular phenomenon.

  • Packaged Gas-Electric Unit

A packaged gas-electric units inclusive of a coil, an air-conditioner, and a propane or natural gas furnace, that too, all in one outdoor system. It does combine electric-powered AC with gas-powered heating’s efficiency using one ductwork.

  • Packaged Heat Pump

Packaged heat pump is inclusive of AC components with air handler and heat pump for cooling as well as heating a building. The all-electric solution is usually used where temperatures hardly get less than the freezing point.

  • Packaged Dual-Fuel Unit

A packaged dual-fuel unit encloses a heat pump for cooling and heating with gas furnace. The system is designed for automatically using either gas or electricity for heating. The system brings heat pump mode into action when moderate heating is required, so that warmed air could be delivered. However, on temperature dropping below 25 Fahrenheit, consistent, reliable heat is rendered through gas furnace.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) further states that the key players in HVAC packaged unit industry are going for various technological solutions that give superlative performance with minimal energy consumption. The associations like Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute and Energy Star are there to recognize the efficient products on a yearly basis.

The developing countries are also not behind. Their governments are authorizing as well as initiating several novel commercial construction plans all across. For instance – Daikin’s production plants are spread all over India and China. Also, the government of India is likely to put in US$ 1 Tn in the housing sector in the next 10 years, which is bound to take the HVAC packaged unit industry by storm. In January 2020, the Energy Star agency recognized DX18TC series with ComfortNet Control from Daikin as one of the energy-efficient products offering higher efficiency for central air conditioners (for residential purpose), that too, with the lifetime operating cost ranging from US$ 1,666 and US$ 3,418. Almost a year earlier, i.e. in April 2019, Daikin did initiate production facility of novel air conditioner series all over India. The target set was – 15 lac residential air conditioners, 20K ductable units, 50K VRV units, and 1K chillers. PMR has enlisted developments along these lines.

Persistence Market Research (PMR) has split HVAC packaged unit industry research report by application into commercial and residential. It has also stated that commercial sector will be the major generator of revenue in the upcoming period with commercial buildings, theaters, and airports being integrated with the centralized AC units all over.

Geography-wise, Persistence Market Research (PMR) has divided HVAC packaged unit industry research report into North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, LATAM, and MEA. It has further mentioned that the Asia-Pacific will be the region with infrastructure development being a hot potato. Therein, enhancement of building energy efficiency would be the topmost priority amidst the race to cope up with the increasing population density. PMR has left no stone unturned in highlighting that India and China will be the flag bearers to the HVAC packaged unit industry. Also, the fact that several top notch players are shifting their bases to these countries can’t be ruled out.

PMR has entailed that North America and Europe are already at the saturation level with regards to HVAC packaged unit industry. It has stated that Germany, Russia, and France will continue to lead the industry herein.

Coming to LATAM and MEA, PMR says that many surprises are bound to come up in terms of revenue generation, as the government of Brazil has development of 22 new-fangled airports on the anvil in the years to come.

The key players captured by PMR in HVAC packaged unit industry include Lennox International Inc., Carrier, Blue Star Ltd., Haier Inc., Fujitsu General, Nortek Global HVAC, LG Electronics, and Trane.

As such, HVAC packaged unit industry is not meant to look back by any means, with demand for HVAC packaged units skyrocketing with increase in demand. The insights and corrective measures to be taken in this regard have been tactfully covered by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

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