Multimodal: Secure Transport Flexibility with an Expert Freight Forwarder

No shoe fits every foot, and no freight-forwarding plan fits every company’s cargo-shipping needs. Depending on the volume and types of cargo, the start location, the end destination, the overall budget and the type of event, attraction or large-scale event a company is putting on, one or multiple modes of transport may be required.

The most well-positioned and flexible freight forwarders will have the infrastructure, contacts, team members and expertise to offer cargo shipping by land, sea or air – or a combination of each.

But how does a company know which modes of transport, or perhaps multimodal service, is a right fit for its specific business needs?Here are some of the top considerations a company shipping precious cargo should consider when determining which modes of transport might best suit their needs.

By Sea

When shipping especially large cargo items, or items with large volume, it is often most logical and cost-effective to ship that cargo via ocean freight.  Shipment by sea can allow for wide amounts of space, so larger goods can be neatly and securely transported without issue.As the least expensive of all cargo-transport options, ocean freight can be an ideal shipping alternative, especially to air freight when there is a more extended timeframe for delivery.

On some occasions, ocean freight is even used to transport cargo from one part of a country to a completely different part of that same country, but most commonly, it is used to ship cargo internationally.

One important consideration with transporting cargo by sea is that cargo must be collected from, and dropped off at, ports. To drop off or pick up cargo at ports, another form of transport will be required – typically, freight trucks that will ship the cargo for the rest of the journey or drop it off at a rail yard, where it will then be shipped by freight train.

By Land

Moving cargo via land is also another viable option. Many times, freight trucks are required, even when shipping cargo via ship or plane, as items must be dropped off or picked up at an airport or port.Additionally, while many companies choose to ship cargo by train, there are specific instances where a freight truck still comes into handy – such as collecting or dropping off cargo at a rail yard or picking up cargo at a train stop if there is an unforeseen delay or re-route.Many companies moving cargo to and from locations not separated by an ocean, such as those shipping items from Mexico to Canada or from the West Coast of the U.S. to the East Coast, will opt for completing the entire freight forwarding process via truck. This provides a lot of flexibility and the ability to pivot quickly, should any changes occur or re-routing become necessary.

By Air

For the fastest method of shipping cargo, there is air freight forwarding via cargo charters. Shipping cargo by air is especially useful for international routes and those that stretch long distances. But air freight forwarding can also be beneficial for domestic cargo shipping, particularly when a company needs their precious cargo items shipped swiftly or wants to mitigate any risks or delays.The best freight forwarders will have expert team members on-hand that can assist with identifying the proper airplane for each company and their unique cargo-shipping needs. Freight forwarders like Rock-it Global even have air-travel options for a company’s staff via passenger air charters.

Choosing an Expert Freight Forwarder with Multimodal Capabilities

Whether a company requires cargo-shipping support via sea, land or air – or a combination of multiple transport modes – it’s best to partner with a freight forwarder that has the flexibility, infrastructure and capabilities to assist with any of these transport options and can advise on what is most efficient, secure or cost-effective. Rock-it Global develops customized shipping plans for its large-scale, events-based customers, utilizing a custom blend of the most effective and efficient methods of transport for any given shipment or route. Rock-it’s expert agents analyze and then manage shipping needs to ensure each customer’s cargo arrives when and where needed via the best transport mode, or modes, possible.

Rock-it Global is an international network of logistics specialists helping leaders across many different industries and specializing in large-scale events. They take pride in helping customers bring their creative vision to life through meaningful events and memories that last.