Must Know Tips Before Hiring Speakers For an Event

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Speakers and sound systems are imperative to the success of any music or social event, where sound quality and entertainment are concerned. For event organisers and venue owners, having the right speakers and sound systems makes all the difference. If you are currently in the market for hiring speakers and sound equipment, this guide by Sound Services, will certainly help. With must know tips to ensure you receive the sound quality your event deserves! 

1. Consider the style of event you are hosting 

Before you start shopping around for the right hire company, speakers, and other sound equipment, it is very important to consider the style of event you are hosting. If you are organising a large scale event such as a club night or outdoor festival, you need to consider the amount of equipment required to provide the quality of music and sound your guests will expect. 

On the other hand, a smaller event such as a casual party, will not require the same quality of equipment and you can therefore cut down on the number of speakers you will be looking to hire. Some hire companies only specialise in supplying larger venues and events, so be sure to find a company who has experience in dealing with events of your size. 

2. Find a sound equipment provider you can trust 

There are many sound equipment companies out there and all of them offer slightly different services. Before signing any hire contracts or agreements, be sure to find a supplier you know you can trust. Signs of a reliable company include those with experience and an established reputation with companies and organisers who have plenty of awareness of speaker hire. It is always worthwhile speaking with venues and other organisers to understand who are the best sound equipment providers in your area. It will soon become obvious which suppliers are the most relevant to your needs. 

3. Shop around for the best hire prices 

With this in mind, it is always wise to pay close attention to the various prices you could be charged for hiring sound equipment. All suppliers will work with different hire pricing strategies and will charge a wide variety of rates. By shopping around you will gain a greater understanding of the average cost you can expect to be charged for sound equipment hire, covering the number of days you will be requiring this equipment.

You should also be aware of what these prices include. Services included in fees by some suppliers include, but are not limited to: 

  • The hire of a range of speakers on a day or weekly rate 
  • Speaker and sound equipment set up or a demonstration on how to do this
  • Delivery or collection 
  • Support from engineers if technical issues arise

4. Ensure sound equipment suits the venue type

If you are hosting your event in a particular type of venue, especially if you do not own this yourself, checking the sound equipment is appropriate is paramount. If you are hiring a venue space, speaking with the venue owners before setting up sound equipment will ensure everyone is aware of the use of large event speakers and the right risk assessments have been conducted. In some venue types, certain equipment will not be practical so it is a good idea to check the electrical equipment and capability of your venue before hiring. You may wish to send an enquiry to your supplier beforehand, just to be sure. 

5. Protect yourself from any hidden costs 

Before signing any contracts, be sure you are aware of any hidden costs. Many sound equipment suppliers will add on additional fees to their hire contracts, these will often include refundable damage deposits or set up fees. If you have a limited budget, be sure that you can cover any of these additional costs and make sure that any damage that does occur can be paid for. 

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