MyForexFund Review 2023: Is This Prop Trading Company Worth It?

Considering a leap into the forex market but still trying to figure out where to start? If the capital is holding you back, it might be time to explore partnering with a prop trading firm. 

Prop trading firms provide traders with the financial muscle they need to dive deep into the market. But how do you pick the right one with so many out there?

Well, you’re in the right place. This MyForexFunds review is tailored to give you a transparent look into one of the prop trading firms available. 

Only some firms will align with your goals due to issues like hefty fees or restrictive rules, but we aim to help you decide if MyForexFunds could be your match.

What is MyForexFunds?

Initiated by Murtuza Kazmi, it stands out as one of the best prop trading firms offering funding schemes to aspiring forex traders globally. Unlike its contemporaries, it provides a unique fast-track system. 

If you can demonstrate your trading acumen by hitting set profit markers in minimal trading days, you could be on your way to getting funded. 

Its rules are transparent, and varied trading strategies are welcomed, ensuring a flexible trading environment. However, remember that financial markets are risky territories, so ensure you’re well-advised before diving in.

How Does MyForexFunds Work?

The journey begins with a one-off registration fee and choosing one of their evaluation accounts, ranging from $5,000 to $300,000. 

The primary challenge? Hitting that profit target in specified trading days while adhering to their rules. Success here means moving to a funded account with the same set of targets and guidelines. 

Their trading server lets you monitor your progress, manage your portfolio, and connect with other traders. They do offer a great funded forex trading account.  

MyForexFunds Options

  • Rapid Account Program

Think of this as a rewarding educational pathway. When you opt for the 

Rapid Account program, you not only get a head start in accruing bonuses right from the outset, 

but you’re also evolving your trading understanding in a setting that’s conscious of risk. 

Now, what do these bonuses look like? You’re looking at demo trading accounts that span from $10k to $100k. This means you can bag a bonus every two weeks or monthly, depending on your progress. 

And the best part? There’s no ticking clock on this program. You set the pace, refining your skills. And after a detailed assessment spanning three months by My Forex Funds, if you shine through, they’ll hand over the reins to live trading funds to you.

  • Forex Funded Account Evaluation

If you see yourself as a semi-pro in trading and feel you’ve got that skillset that sets you apart, this might be your route. It’s essentially a two-pronged evaluation mechanism. You’d showcase your prowess in FOREX, CFD, or even commodities trading here. 

You can choose accounts that range from a modest $5k to a hefty $300k. And if you’re up to the mark? You can get your hands on a funded account in about ten days. If you want to pace yourself, there’s a 90-day window too. 

The essence is to underscore your consistent trading mettle and deft risk management. Do well, and you’re in the My Forex Funds Prop Firm club, trading with tangible capital.

  • Accelerated Program

This is your program for seasoned traders among you eager to get down to business immediately with real cash. No hoops or evaluation stages – you kickstart with earnings from the get-go. 

Your account sizes could be anywhere from $2,000 to an impressive $50,000, with prospects of even touching $2 million. 

With this program, you also leverage an enhanced borrowing capacity and the allure of weekly payouts. This is ideally crafted for experts who’ve mastered risk management. 

However, share trading isn’t on the table with the Accelerated program. Upon successful navigation through the evaluation and ticking all the boxes, what awaits you is a funded account. 

Here’s where the fun part begins: you retain a slice of the profits you rake in. Imagine pocketing up to 85% of your earnings based on your performance!

Limitations of MyForexFunds

While you might want to try out MyForexFunds, there are also big names like FTMO and Osprey, who are great alternatives. 

Diverse Account Sizes: Whether you’re testing the waters or ready for the deep dive, there’s an account size for you.

Attractive Profit Split: The better you perform, the more you earn, possibly up to 85% of your profits.

Flexibility in Trading Strategies: They don’t box you into specific trading strategies.

Community Support: Their discord server is a hub for traders to exchange notes and learn.


  • Options of accounts up to $300,000.
  • Clear evaluation processes.
  • Take home up to 85% of your profits.
  • Flexibility in trading strategies.
  • Engage and learn on their discord server.


  • The Maximum Drawdown rule might not suit every trader’s style.


Given its varied programs, transparent rules, and impressive profit schemes, MyForexFunds is a tempting proposition for prop trading. 

Whether new or seasoned, it offers a potent platform to initiate or elevate your trading journey. 

Through this MyForexFunds review, we’ve aimed to highlight its potential as a top-tier prop trading entity for any forex trader eyeing a funded account with significant contract sizes. 

But, always remember, choosing a firm that aligns with your trading objectives is vital. You simply have to click here to get started with MyForexFunds today.