Myths about Testosterone

People don’t always want to acknowledge that they may not know something, or they don’t realize that their knowledge of a topic may be superficial. That’s how myths are born and spread. The topic of our organisms and health is no different – there are many general convictions that are in fact completely wrong.

Myths about testosterone - its chemical structure and formula
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Testosterone is a great example here. There are various things that people believe to be true about it – most of them simply aren’t while some can even be harmful. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep educating oneself and others.

Soy increases testosterone level

Soy being a healthy and natural protein alternative to meat is a popular belief only because it’s an ingredient of many various protein powders. But the reason is completely different – it’s cheap. What’s more, research shows that soy is actually richly estrogenic, therefore it can have an opposite effect – it may lower the testosterone level and raise this of cortisol. So it’s not only not helping, but you should actually avoid soy if you want to increase your testosterone level.

According to Supps Advisor’s Nugenix Review, if there really is a need to boost testosterone, men would prefer to take a dietary supplement. It’s important to do it only under the supervision of a healthcare professional. You can read, for example, Test X Core supplement review to know what you should know and what to avoid.

Any workout boosts testosterone

Physical activity can help you with your testosterone levels, but it can’t be just any activity – you need to get it right. Otherwise, you may get the opposite result, for example, endurance exercise (running or cycling) can actually cause a decrease of free-floating testosterone and this is just the beginning of problems.

Low testosterone leads to low bone density and osteoporosis which will make it more likely for you to get injured. But you should still work out, only properly, in order to lose weight, boost testosterone and give some real strength to your muscles. So, instead of endurance exercise, try high-intensity interval training, lifting weights, or yoga.

Eating fats reduces your testosterone level

It’s the excess of fat tissue on you that can hurt your testosterone levels. The hormone itself is actually fat-soluble, so you need fats to have a healthy and balanced diet. Studies show that low-fat dietary habits tend to decrease the level of testosterone in people, plus, fats help to regulate the endocrine system, including testosterone production. It’s important to keep it balanced, though, as fats can really make you gain weight, but you still need them in the right amounts.

Testosterone makes men angry and aggressive

Testosterone is very often linked with competitiveness, dominance and aggression, but it has nothing to do with animal rage and violent acts. This misconception comes from the association of testosterone with steroid use, but not many people know that steroids actually decreases natural testosterone. The high level of testosterone does not spark pure aggression, bullying and other anti-social behaviours.

It can actually be the other way around, as low testosterone causes mood swings, irritability and depression which very often results in anger outbursts in men. What’s more, research shows that testosterone is actually very high in men who are successful. It’s true that it makes men competitive, but mostly in a good way – they want to improve, not destroy their opponents.

Eating carbs decreases testosterone levels

This is another harmful conviction because your body actually really needs carbs to be able to produce all needed hormones. It’s the processed carbs that can cause problems, but you should be able to tell the difference, not give up all carbs. Studies show that low-carb diets increase the level of cortisol which kills the production of testosterone. Just like with everything, you need to stay reasonable with carbs in your diet, but you can’t eliminate them.

Masturbation boosts testosterone production

Unfortunately, no. Sexual arousal can increase your testosterone levels, but it’s not the case with masturbation. It may boost it for some time, but not in the long-term. What’s more, masturbating too often might raise the risk of erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalances, as it over-stimulates dopamine.

If you get too much of something, even dopamine, your body gets used to it and the reaction is no longer the same. It actually lowers testosterone and creates an addiction. Plus, more frequent ejaculations boosts the level of estrogen, not testosterone.

It’s not the case with sex, though. Regular intimacy with a partner will keep your testosterone on a high, stable level.


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