Common Myths About Electrical Safety

Electrical safety

Do you remember how we have always been advised to not mess around with electricity?

Yes, because electricity is as deadly as powerfully it lights up your home.

We all use electricity, but how many of us do understand it?

Not many, other than the qualified, trained and certified residential and commercial electrical contractors who should always be consulted if you ever find yourself in electrical trouble or emergency with the wires and power switches.

But despite the constant warning, many of us still try to fix electrical problems on our own despite the several myths and stories that surround this complex subject. In today’s post, we are going to enlighten you all by debunking some of the common misconceptions that are prevalent from years and have been a significant contributory factor in electricity-related hazards and accidents all around the world:


If you think that all the powerline in your home, city, or region are insulated, then you are highly mistaken. They are only a few, out of which may only have a waterproofing coating that offers no protection from electrocution. Wondering how come then the birds sit on it all day long? Well, the cells and tissues are not strong enough to form a conductive path, so they don’t experience electrical shock, which humans will if they touch it carelessly. Similarly, not all extension cords are waterproof; the ones designed for outdoor use are labeled so. Make sure that if you plan to decorate the outside of your house with lights and have an extension cord connected outside, it should be marked as” for outdoor use.”


While compared to factories, manufacturing units, and power plants, the electricity flowing through the home is less, but it is still dangerous to deal with negligence. Touching electrical equipment with wet hands will give you an electrical shock. Don’t assume that using rubber gloves can prevent you from getting hurt because unless the glove is a 1000%, it will conductor electricity instead of insulating you from it; and going by the pattern,  most of the companies manufacture gloves made from rubber supplementing it with elements to make it more durable and comfortable. Similarly, rubber shoes unless made from 100% rubber( which is rare) can not protect you from electrocution.


Many people think that keeping the light on for longer will save on the utility bill significantly by turning it on and off, which is not the case. This concept named, startup penalty, doesn’t exist in practical terms of electricity consumption. Hence every time you are shutting down electricity which is not in use, you are saving money.


There would be power and water line going through your yard. A light digging can also damage or break it. Don’t try to dig the yard yourself, call a professional, if you need to set something up. The expert will probe and establish if the dogging area is near to the wires and how far should it be to prevent the possibility of electrical shock.


To fix an electrical issue, you won’t just need personal protective equipment of safety gears but the experience and thorough knowledge of safety procedure; otherwise, you might end up breaking building electricity codes and overlook safety rules. This will not land you with a penalty but might also lead to a life-threatening accident.


While it’s true that wood is a bad conductor of electricity, a damp wood or a wood in metal brackets are not. Hence one should never work on live electrical wiring using wooden stairs unless they are a professional and they are following safety protocols and are wearing necessary gears to protect themselves from any shock.

Having knowledge of electricity and electrical safety myths, it is essential that those with limited experience of operating it, should not take it for granted and only seek the help of a professional electrical contractor, no matter the degree and whether the problem is in a residential building or a commercial area.

Professional electrical contractors come with training, expertise, and experience of resolving various electrical problems, quickly and with 100% accuracy. will save you time, money, and energy, which you would otherwise waste in trying to fix the problem with a DIY video tutorial, inadequate tool, limited comprehension, and zero experience.

We would furthermore suggest you go for green electrical professionals that match the global standards and whose sustainable practices will ensure that you are not adding to the degrading conditions of the environment.

You must take all the necessary precautions when dealing with electricity and leave the electrical issues to the professional electrical contractors.