NARVA Lighting Solutions for Trucks

Australia has a dynamic commercial vehicle industry that facilitates the distribution of goods all over the country. Navigating the country’s long roads is challenging with limited visibility. Drivers experience visibility limitations at night and during extreme weather conditions such as fog, storms and strong winds. 

Truck drivers need powerful and reliable lighting solutions for enhanced visibility and safety. NARVA is a technology company that produces lighting solutions for automotive and industrial applications. This article is about the lighting solutions NARVA develops for trucks and trailers. Read on if you would like to know more about the NARVA.

History of NARVA

NARVA is an Australian brand with its origins in Germany. NARVA is an anagram for the materials used in the original globes, ‘N’ for Nitrogen, ‘Ar’ for Argon and ‘Va’ for Vacuum. 

NARVA started in Germany in 1953 on a 500 square metre facility with 190 employees. By 1957, when the company was officially registered, it had over 1000 employees and was producing more than 560 unique globes. In the mid-1980s, a relationship between NARVA Germany and Brown & Watson Limited in Australia led to the establishment of NARVA Australia.

Brown & Watson International PTY Limited established and operated NARVA Australia for about 30 years before selling it to GUD Holdings in 2015. GUD Holdings Limited is a wholly Australian owned company. Today, the NARVA brand is licensed and established in more than 100 countries across the globe. Below are three categories of lighting solutions NARVA produces for trucks and trailers.

NARVA Conventional Lighting 

NARVA Australia has the most comprehensive range of lighting solutions in the Australasian market. The company develops more than 5,000 unique lighting products. NARVA’s experience and quality have been proven for more than 60 years. Its conventional lighting solutions are considered standard equipment for several vehicles across the globe.

NARVA LED Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a lighting solution famous for providing long service life and cool temperature light. NARVA uses LED technology to produce several lighting solutions. The combination of LED technology and NARVA’s industry expertise results in high-quality, long-lasting lights ideal for Australian conditions. 

NARVA LED lights include direction indicators, high-level brake lights, license plate lights and others. The company also develops DIY trailer lamp kits to reduce downtime if roadside repairs are necessary.

NARVA Sealed Lighting

NARVA’s sealed lighting solutions are specially designed for operations in rugged applications. They can withstand shock, vibrations, mud, dust, rain and other elements. NARVA sealed lights are long-lasting, durable products that are ideal for Australia’s harsh conditions. The most popular sealed lights for trucks in Australia include

  • Rear direction indicator lights
  • Rear stop lamps
  • Reverse lighting

NARVA Emergency Lighting

Your emergency lighting solutions must meet the highest industry standards. NARVA ensures that all its emergency lighting systems are powerful, robust and infallible. The company provides some of the most powerful beacons, strobes and warning lights in the industry. For maximum visibility on the road and worksite, NARVA provides the following options,

  • Amber lighting options for the mining and construction industry
  • Red and Blue Lights for emergency service industry
  • Bespoke warning light solutions for specific applications

To sum up, NARVA has shaped the lighting industry in Australia for decades. The company provides several solutions tailored to the Australian market. As a leading provider of affordable aftermarket parts for trucks in the region, NARVA enhances the safety and reliability of the Australasian transport industry. 

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