Navigating Los Angeles Real Estate Law with Lerner & Weiss

A predictable and stable regulatory environment is key for businesses to sustain themselves, and the real estate industry is no exception. Any real estate developer hopes to pursue projects with certainty that the regulatory changes during the project’s life cycle won’t render them unprofitable. As a result, regulation changes can result in higher costs and risks for real estate developers.

California is known to have one of the most complex regulatory regimes in the US, marked by rapid changes that businesses must keep up with to ensure fully compliant operations. Otherwise, they risk legal trouble that may result in substantial legal costs. 

Whether you are a property owner or a real estate developer in Los Angeles, you can expect continuous regulatory changes that you must comply with. In this article, we discuss two of the most common reasons for regulatory changes and how Lerner & Weiss, a team of Los Angeles real estate lawyers, can help you stay up to date and fully compliant.

Zoning Regulations

Land use regulations are crucial for effective city planning. They are used to control and manage the development of real estate in urban spaces. The land use requirements in Los Angeles have shaped the city’s urban centers, from the location and height of the buildings to their locations. 

Los Angeles land use regulations can take many forms, including height and density requirements, zoning restrictions, parking requirements, floor area ratios, and growth controls. Conducting your business in a compliant manner requires staying up to date with these regulations, which impact the value of your property and your ability to start new development projects. 

Environmental Regulations

Environmental regulations are another key area that will continue to change in the coming years as part of the federal government’s efforts to tackle global climate change. A variety of regulations have been developed at the federal level that are aimed at the real estate industry, in a bid to make the industry more environmentally friendly. According to recent statistics, the construction industry, and by extension the real estate industry, contributes to 40% of US greenhouse gas emissions. This means the sector will continue to attract regulatory changes for the foreseeable future.

In coastal states such as California, state and local laws also continue to rapidly evolve in response to climate change and have affected most real estate development projects. These regulatory changes encompass issues such as “net-zero” targets, GHG reductions, water quality and availability, wildlife hazards, sea-level rise, clean energy, and rapid transportation. Regulation is also being used to incentivize developers to construct high-density and transit-oriented affordable housing.

Seeking Professional Help

The California state legislature is keen to experiment with new legislation to improve the lives of Californians. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with the changes. Most property owners and real estate developers in Los Angeles see these changes as part of the business and remain undaunted by them. They stay up to date with regulatory changes by partnering with real estate lawyers in Los Angeles. 

The real estate lawyers at Lerner & Weiss have combined work experience of over 60 years. The firm was founded in 1980 and has been faithfully serving the commercial needs of businesses in Los Angeles since then. Their decades of experience in California have endowed the real estate lawyers of Lerner & Weiss with an acute understanding of the challenges that businesses face in the state. The firm has developed a reputation for helping these businesses navigate complex legal problems and avoid costly litigation. 

Their track record of success speaks for itself, as Lerner & Weiss continues to be a home to the best real estate lawyers in Los Angeles. Hundreds of clients have benefited from their prudent advice on real estate law.

The firm’s real estate lawyers are also experienced and diligent transactional lawyers. They understand the complexities of contract law and leverage this experience to ensure that their clients complete real estate transactions in compliance with state and federal regulations. The real estate lawyers at Lerner & Weiss pride themselves on being able to provide their clients with the best solution and fight for their rights at every front.

The real estate lawyers at Lerner & Weiss can assist you with a range of issues and challenges that you may encounter in bringing your development or property up to code. They understand Los Angeles land use regulations and have successfully challenged zoning restrictions. They are also well informed about evolving environmental regulations. Examples of common issues that their real estate lawyers handle daily are land use requirements and regulations, compliance with zoning laws, environmental rules and regulations, environmental impact statements (EIS), environmental assessments (EA), landlord/tenant issues, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Lerner & Weiss will defend your rights both in and out of the courtroom. Having dealt with statutory and review bodies for over 40 years, they understand how these entities function and what arguments are effective in these truncated proceedings. They have represented property owners and real estate developers of all sizes. This experience has made it easy for them to identify the precise legal issues affecting your business and to help you find a solution. Their clients benefit from personal attention, aggressive representation, and clear communication. 

If you are a property owner or a real estate developer confronted by regulatory changes, feel free to reach out to the law offices of Lerner & Weiss for reliable answers to your queries.