The Growing Popularity of NBA in the Canadian Sports Betting Market

Meta description: NBA sports betting in Canada is popular because of the NBA’s expansion into Canada and the success of the Toronto Raptors.

NBA in the Canadian Sports Betting Market
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The NBA was not always present in Canada, but the league gradually expanded by adding two Canadian teams to the league. Today there is only one Canadian team – the Toronto Raptors – which makes it easy for Canadians to choose their favourite team when playing against their North American counterparts south of the border. Whatever the business reasons for expanding into Canada, the league probably wasn’t aware of the great benefits it would bring to Canada’s sports betting markets.

Sports Betting in Canada Is Huge

Sports betting is driven by sports fans and the accessibility to place bets on sporting opinions. Thankfully for the Canadian betting industry, they have both of these things in abundance. Canada is renowned for housing a nation of sports fans, and although they may be best known for their hockey teams, they do like to tune into major sports such as soccer, tennis and the NBA.

Combine their love of sports with a legal online betting industry. Now we have a recipe for a thriving Canada sports betting scene that will rival their tasty maple syrup and bacon. Sports fans of Canada have plenty of sites to choose from, including global bookmakers like William Hill. Most sites operating in Canada are legal and offer excellent odds on sports events, as well as betting promotions to retain players.

The Toronto Raptors Effect

Because Canada only has one NBA team, locals generally choose to support that team as a matter of national pride. The reasons to support the Toronto Raptors have snowballed over recent years due to the successes of their only NBA team. In 2019, the Toronto Raptors won the NBA finals to become champions. In the final game, they beat one of the most valuable NBA teams, the Golden State Warriors, and more Canadians than usual tuned in to watch the game.

Overall, by having a single successful NBA team in Canada, this has driven interest in the league and generated more fans who otherwise may have overlooked watching this predominant USA league. Surging interest simultaneously feeds into the gambling market with Canadians wanting to bet on Toronto Raptors games and other NBA games they choose to watch.

Popular NBA Betting Markets in Canada

Points spreads remain one of the favourite types of NBA bets to place. They are exciting because these are not just betting on who will win or lose. Gamblers will bet on a team to win or lose by a certain number of points. If the result does not match the outcome and the points difference, then the bet will be lost. As these bets are a little harder to predict than simply who will win, the odds provided are usually more appealing. But remember, they are more attractive because they are harder to call!

Another option is to bet on the number of points scored within a game in total. This means you don’t even have to call who will win the game, only the number of points scored. These bets are called over/under bets, but there are plenty of other types of NBA markets to choose from.


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