The need for PMP certification in today’s world

PMP Certification image 454444In today’s World, without a PMP Certification, a project manager cannot make a significant impact on most organizations. Today, almost all project manager vacancies either demand PMP or mention it as strongly referred.

The letters PMP, this this context, stand for Project Management Professional.

A PMP certification is also essential in promotion and performance evaluations.  A project manager with a PMP certification stands out among his or her uncertified counterparts. Whether in the workplace or while seeking employment, most project managers recognize the value of PMP certification.

In many cases, job applicants who do not have the certification will probably not even make it to the first interview.

Below are six main reasons why a PMP certification has become a basic requirement in the world today:

1: Clients are demanding a PMP certification:

Whether an individual believes in the value of it or not doesn’t matter, because the reality is that all major companies today demand PMP certified professionals. The market giants in the US are demanding PMP. According to IBM, most of its clients insist on having certified project managers. They refused to consider anybody else.

Organizations across the world follow are moving in the same direction, which makes a PMP certification in London a necessary requirement if you want the best career opportunities.

2: Understanding jargon:

The main task of a project manager is communication. Without proper communication, no project can be successful. As a project manager, your team members differ from project to project. The ability to understand project management jargon helps make sure that everyone is on the same page, including team members, sponsors, and stakeholders.

For example, a PMP certified project manager knows the difference between a Procurement Audit and a Procurement Performance Review, and when to carry out each one. There are many other terms such as qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, slack, free float, total float, AOA, and many more words.

Jargon refers to special words, phrases, terms, or expressions used by a profession. These terms are difficult for people outside the profession (lay people) to understand.

If the project manager is certified, there is a much smaller risk of misunderstandings or communication problems.

3: A PMP certification shows that you are goal-oriented:

Organizations want those employees who are focused on one goal rather than willing to work in any department. They want employees who are committed to their work. Certified people show that they are goal-oriented in their respective field.

4: A PMP certification gets you a pay rise:

If you are PMP certified, you have the opportunity to earn 20% more than non-certified project managers. Project managers with a PMP certification earn $6000-10000 more per year than their unqualified counterparts. The certification is a useful tool you can use when you are seeking a better pay and compensation package.

5: A PMP certification shows you have good cognitive skills:

Everybody knows that becoming PMP certified is not easy. Exams have multiple choice and comprehension questions that gauge a person’s level of individual thinking, learning, reading, as well as their decision-making skills.

6: Better Job Opportunities:

Having a PMP certification opens the doors to more job opportunities.  A qualified professional stands out in a crowd of applicants.

Getting a PMP certification depends upon your motives, goals, and objectives.  If you are good at management and have managed successful projects, completing the PMP certification course is a must if you haven’t done so already.

To be considered for a PMP certification course, you should have:

  • A Four Year Degree (Bachelor’s or equivalent).
  • 3 to 5 years of project management experience.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

To fulfill the 3rd requirement, there are different sites which are offering the complete PMP course exams – they also cover the 35 hours of project management education. Brain Sensei is one of the leading PMP exam preparation websites. It offers a top-quality course at an affordable rate. It includes 8 modules plus 4 practice exams. At Wadav, you can get a Brain Sensei coupon, which allows you to obtain the PMP course at a discount.