Negligent Parties That Can Cause Lakeland Accidents

Filing a lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind after getting injured in a Lakeland accident. Usually, when an accident occurs, you’re left in a state of physical and emotional shock. Even if you know the accident wasn’t your fault, you’re likely focused on recovering and getting through the day ahead.

Lakeland accidents - image for article 39929939It isn’t until your medical bills come and you can’t return to work that you’ll begin feeling the financial burden of what’s happened to you. When you must come up with the money to pay for your losses, you may realize that this financial burden shouldn’t be yours to bear. It’s essential to hold the negligent party in your accident accountable if you hope to receive a settlement.

Discussing your situation with a Lakeland personal injury lawyer can be a good place to start if you want to take legal action and recover compensation after your accident. Depending on the type of accident you were involved in and how the accident occurred, the negligent party liable for your accident will vary.


If you were injured in a car accident in Lakeland, then a negligent driver may have caused your collision. Negligent drivers can cause car accidents if they’re driving under the influence, texting behind the wheel, speeding, or driving while drowsy. Drivers who improperly change lanes or don’t yield to other vehicles when appropriate can also cause accidents and injure other drivers.

Dog Owners

If you were walking down the street in Lakeland and a dog attacked you, then the owner of the dog may be responsible for any injuries you suffer. Dog owners are held strictly liable for damage their dog inflicts from dog bites as long as you were in a public place when the dog bite occurred or you were lawfully in a private place.


If you’re injured by a defective product in Lakeland or you get into a car accident because of a car malfunction, then it’s possible to sue the manufacturer of the faulty equipment. Manufacturers have a responsibility to distribute safe products and equipment to consumers, and when this equipment injures people unexpectedly, the manufacturer can be held accountable for any damages that result.

Property Owners

If you get injured on someone else’s property because of a hazard that could’ve been prevented or should’ve been labeled with a warning sign, then it’s possible to sue the property owner in a premises liability claim. Property owners must exercise due care in maintaining safety on their property and preventing accidents from occurring.

Government Entities

Government entities can cause accidents in Lakeland if a government employee is negligent and injures someone or if a local, state, or federal organization doesn’t do their job correctly. For example, if the city fails to repair a roadway hazard and the hazard causes an accident, you can sue the city for your damages.

Identifying the negligent party in your accident is one of the first steps in filing a lawsuit. After you know who your defendant is, you can move forward and obtain the settlement you deserve.


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