15 Best Network Marketing Tips and Tricks For Guaranteed Success

Network marketing article image 444444There are a lot of things you can do to improve your network marketing.  However, you need to consider which will work best for you.  As you start to make these decisions, you should consider the 15 options below, which could significantly boost your chances of success:

  1. Try A Book

According to Brad’s list of MLM books, with the right work ethic and mindset, anybody can create and maintain a thriving network marketing/MLM business. Many people today still prefer books to web pages, especially when they want to learn new things. Reading a book also gives you someone new to follow on social media, to contact, or to use as a role model.

  1. Email

Since the turn of the century, email marketing has become a major tool for marketing professionals. You need to use email marketing so that you can reach people faster.  Most people respond to emails; they are great tools for striking a conversation.

Email marketing is a wonderful way to capture the minds of your fans because they can actually ‘talk’ to you through emails.  However, you need to send messages that are engaging, colorful, and informative.  Do not only try to sell through emails.  Educating consumers and customers is a smart way to pull them in.

  1. Digital Ads

Digital advertising involves leveraging Internet technologies to deliver advertisements and promotional materials to consumers and customers. We also call it Internet marketing. Digital ads allow us to reach people in digital spaces more easily. They should include some educational material. Viewers are grateful and become more engaged when they learn something new and useful.

Ads with such phrases as “our customers see a 50% increase in brand happiness when switching to premium” are usually effective in encouraging consumers to shop with you.

  1. Local SEO

You should use local SEO to get results that go far beyond what you would normally do when you are marketing. Plus, you can use your address and landmarks to note what you do and where you are. Local SEO also allows people to call you, to check out your location, and to make appointments to see you.

  1. Track Ads

You need to track all your ads so that you know which ones work.  Without tracking you will run ads that are not helping you.  You must track everything so that there is no confusion about what is effective.  In the world of digital marketing, guesswork is not an effective way to promote a product, service, brand, or your company.

  1. Social Media

Social media marketing or SMM is an effective way to reach customers and prospects. Prospects are consumers who could turn into customers.

Hundreds of millions of people globally are already interacting with brands through social networking websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social media is relatively easy to manage.  These websites allow you to follow people so that you can learn from and about them.  You can also use this medium as a way to make new partners in and outside your industry.

  1. Videos

In the world of advertising and marketing, videos are extremely effective. They are not that difficult to create and require very little investment.

Making videos can be great fun. There are even micro-video blogging platforms where you can post and share the videos you have created.

  1. Articles

You should use articles to explain what your company does and why your products are so good.  If you are reading articles by people that you trust, you will find that they often have conflicting views.  This is a good time to decide which side of the fence you would like to land on.  You can also share these articles with colleagues to increase their knowledge.

Information articles are extremely popular. They can also be used subtlely as marketing tools if you know what you are doing.

  1. Surveys

Surveys are a good way to interact with the public so that you know what they want. Survey data can help you tailor your products and services to the needs and requirements of your existing customers and prospects.

  1. Landing Pages

You need to make landing pages for all your ads so that you can direct people to specific products or services.  A landing page may take the visitor to an article, product, service, brand, or any other item that helps your business grow.

  1. Contests

Marketing professionals use contests to attract consumers to their products or services. Raffles, quizes, and guessing games are examples of items you may include in a contest. Contests are also useful for gathering information about people. When individiuals agree to participate, you can ask them for their names, email addresses, etc.

  1. Blogs

Blogging is a tactic to get your product, service, brand, or company more online visibility. It is an effective marketing channel that helps boost sales and overall growth.

A blog is a website that is regularly updated with new material. Online journals, for example, are blogs. Blogs are typically informal and can help humanize your brand.

  1. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

You can use AMA to let customers ask you questions that will allow them to get to know you better.  If entertainers can use AMA, you can use them, too.

  1. Relationships

Form and maintain as many relationships as you can get so that you can reach out to these people when you need to.

  1. Planning

You need to make a plan for your marketing that will be appropriate for you, your product or service, and your business. Your plan needs to be flexible. As the business environment changes, you need to adapt quickly.

We also refer to network marketing as multilevel marketing or cellular marketing.