Never miss an important business call again with a fixed number on mobile

Having a fixed business number for your business is a real added value. A landline number helps you professionalise your business and ensures that your customers can always reach you. Moreover, a landline also allows you to advertise more easily and make your business more findable online. Whether you run a one-man business or employ staff, you won’t always be in the office to answer the phone. 

And this is precisely why a fixed business number on mobile is an interesting choice to make. With a mobile landline number, you kill two birds with one stone: a professional-looking business phone number, without being tethered to your office. Moreover, a perfect time to link your fixed business number to your mobile, considering hybrid or fully remote working has been hugely popular since the corona crisis.

What are the advantages of having a fixed business number on mobile? 

Forwarding your landline number to your mobile brings numerous benefits. For instance, you are easily and always reachable for customers and relations, but also for yourself, having your landline on your mobile is a real added value. 

You can easily answer any incoming call from a customer, wherever you are. Are you switching providers or buying a new phone? Your business number will of course be retained and can be transferred effortlessly to a new phone or subscription. 

Keeping business and private numbers separate

You can easily transfer your business number to your mobile. This way, you can always be reached, regardless of whether you are stuck in traffic or on your way to the next meeting. Of course, you don’t want to be reachable 365 days a year, but with a fixed business number on mobile, all calls come to you. Yet you can easily keep private and business calls separate. 

For instance, you have the option of setting a pre-announcement tone so you know when a business call comes in. You can also set an auto-dialer or answering machine for a certain period of time, which is handy when you go on holiday or have scheduled quality time with the family. Never want to miss a business call, no matter the situation? Then you can also direct forward incoming calls to a colleague or employee. That way, you never miss a message from an important customer.

Professional-looking number

A landline number looks a lot more professional than a mobile number. In principle, it is possible to register all landline numbers. For example, a New York virtual number or a virtual London number. That way, attentive customers and partners also know immediately where your company is located. 

You can also choose national phone numbers for almost every country. E.g. USA virtual numbers, United Kingdom virtual numbers, Germany virtual phone numbers, France virtual numbers, Spain virtual numbers, Italy virtual numbers. This is useful for companies providing products or services all over the country. 

Finally, it is also possible to buy a toll free number USA or a UK toll free number. These numbers enjoy a positive image because they are free for callers. This removes the barrier to call for potential customers and research has shown that consumers are 30% more likely to call a toll free number than other phone numbers.  

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