Creating a New Email Using Templates

With emails becoming the market to reach clients best, businesses need to revamp how their information comes across. Stripo provides businesses and agencies with high quality and easy to use email templates. Specializing in AMP email development allows Stripo to provide you with the newest format of email by integrating web page styles and interactions. 

Stripo’s easy to use email templates allow businesses to create stylized and comprehensive AMP emails for their client base. Reaching a vast audience in a quick amount of time is easily accomplished through email and businesses regularly employ emails to connect with their clients. A better way to connect to your audience is to showcase the best of your business and one great way to accomplish this is through an interactive email.

Stripo employs ESP integration, mobile responsive programming, and quick easy to use templates to provide you with the best final product. Stripo’s email templates are comprehensive and allow you to create a gorgeous final design for your client base.

ESP integration

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With Stripo, you have the ability to integrate your new platform directly to your email provider. ESP stands for Email Service Provider and with this feature, you are able to transfer the work you’ve done on the template to your email. Once you use the templates offered by Stripo’s AMP email program, you can export the final product directly to your email.

ESP integration is the final step in the process and can be done with one click. By exporting your template directly to your email, you save your work and apply it for your use. ESP integration, offered by Stripo, is a direct bridge between template and email.

Easy, custom, mobile

Stripo provides access to mobile responsive templates that keep your emails looking clean and accessible on both computers and phones. Stripo’s HTML code backing their program allows for a seamless transition between computer and phone, providing a beautiful final product on both. To achieve mobile-responsive emails, you will have to do nothing as the coding is already in place.

Creating an email template can take a decent amount of time and redoing emails daily could become laborious. To avoid this, Stripo provides users with an automated email creation process. Simply input a link to the content you want to be displayed and Stripo will do the rest to generate a quality email page, so you don’t have to.

Easy to customize HTML and CSS code gives you the option to change your email layout beyond what the template offers. If you are proficient in coding and want a special process to occur in your emails, you have access to the code if need be. 

Templates for you

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Coding is not a requirement and if you have no knowledge of designing emails for mass use, you are still welcome to use Stripo. The basic email templates provided by the program will walk you through step by step to design the best AMP email for your business. Templates provide a basic layout that you can customize however you deem fit, giving you access to whatever you may need for your business.


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