New Engagement Ring, Necklace Designs from The Wind Opal

We are proud to introduce our stunning new additions to the Wind Opal collection: our “La Galaxia” ring, a new fire opal necklace, and a diamond-studded opal necklace. These exquisite pieces are made using the finest quality opal stones – one of the most stunning stones you will find!
Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion, want to add glamor to your look, or want to gift someone timeless memorabilia, these additions are the perfect way to start:


  1. The La Galaxia Opal Engagement Ring

First up is the La Galaxia, a breathtaking galaxy-inspired opal engagement ring, a true masterpiece of fine jewelry. At its center, you have a mesmerizing natural 0.54-carat Mexican fire opal.  The center reflects a unique mix of bright blue, green and yellow shades. These colors blend well into one another, somewhat like the galaxy skies.

Surrounding this Mexican fire opal is 14 rows of bright-cut diamonds, 70 in total. These diamonds are meant to provide a celestial halo around the central opal. Holding it all together is the high-quality 18K solid yellow gold.

This opal engagement ring is the perfect mix of durability and elegance and will remain with you for a lifetime. The fire opal ring is the perfect choice for those who want to share it as an engagement ring or a loving memento for their loved ones.

  1. Two-Side Mexican Fire Opal, Halo Diamond, Pink Sapphire Pendant Necklace

Our second new addition is the stunning Two-Sided Mexican Fire Opal Necklace. This is an extremely rare piece that features a two-sided 1.14-carat Mexican Fire Opal.

The fiery opal is further surrounded in a circular halo by 38 0.201-carat bright diamonds and 28 0.219-carat pink sapphires. The opal is set into the 18K yellow gold bezel and suspended by an 18-inch solid 18K gold chain or a gold-plated silver chain, depending on your choice.

The opal gives it a fiery vivid, orange-red hue and an inner sparkle like none other. This vibrant opal necklace is perfect for those who love to make a bold, statement appearance. The unique color and brilliance of this fire opal necklace will add the necessary glam to your outfit.

  1. Baguette Diamond Invisible Setting Australian Opal & Tsavorite Necklace

The final piece on our list is the Baguette diamond Opal necklace. What’s special about this necklace is the invisible setting it has been built with that makes the inner opal look as if it is floating. There are no additional prongs or bezels, just the stunning beauty of the 0.70-carat Australian solid opal.

The solid opal gives a brilliant shimmering radiance in the shades of yellow, red, blue and orange. Surrounding this rectangle opal are 20 baguette-cut bright diamonds. These are attached to an 18K gold bail around which the chain is looped. The bail is further studded with 5 tsavorite garnet green stones to set a contrast against the opal’s warm and vibrant hues.

This opal necklace is a unique amalgam of natural gemstones and diamonds and is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection!

Final Thoughts

These new additions have been officially added to the Wind Opal site, and are quickly garnering attention from our clients worldwide. You can check out these and more stunning opal jewelry designs from complete rings catalog here.