New Technology Making Bitcoin Safer

A major reason why cryptocurrency has enjoyed the level of success it has experienced over the years is largely due to its secure and decentralized network. Currencies like bitcoin are only as valuable as their networks are secure. It means every transaction is easily validated and verifiable on the blockchain. This is achieved through the use of nodes.

What Are Nodes and How Do They Work?

Nodes are computers that connect to cryptocurrency networks. They are designed to enforce the rules of Bitcoin and support the network by verifying, validating, and relaying transactions on the blockchain. This is achieved by retaining copies of the blockchain and ensuring that every activity follows the prescribed rules and guidelines of operation. There are two types of nodes namely, lightweight and full nodes. Lightweight nodes are known for speedy processing transactions as they only download header data. This however leaves out relevant transaction information on bitcoin’s blockchain. Full nodes on the other hand download all transactions on the blockchain enabling them to confirm all transactions and validate them with other nodes. Although time-intensive, fully validating bitcoin nodes offer more security among other things.

It Enhances the Security of Transactions.

Bitcoin full node enhances the security of transactions carried out by users. Because full nodes download all transactions on the blockchain, they are always up to date with the latest information, guidelines, and procedures of operation on the blockchain. This makes it more secure for users, especially if they conduct multiple transactions per day on the blockchain. The perpetual state of update ensures the safety of all investments and that user activities are properly and securely conducted.

It Monitors the Integrity and Security of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Using a Bitcoin full node helps to monitor the security of the blockchain. It gives the user full control and strictly ensures that all the rules of bitcoin are followed. The process is simple. A network of nodes identifies and works with a defined and recognized modus operandi on the blockchain as defined by the bitcoin core software. Each node provides a copy of the blockchain to any new node which attempts to join the network. They make sure each transaction is valid and conducted in conformity with the rules. Invalid ones are rejected. This is how the bitcoin full node protects the integrity of the blockchain.

It Provides User Privacy.

Full nodes give the user much-needed privacy from surveillance companies and watchers by preventing them from knowing which addresses belong to them. Third-party servers will always know which addresses and wallets belong to who. They can also easily access each person’s balance by using their IP Address to look into their bitcoin wallet. This is very invasive for some as their data can be leaked to governments and entities with nefarious intentions. They could be targeted by hackers or even the government for heavy taxes. The best way to prevent this is to run a full bitcoin node on the server.


There are several other benefits of running a bitcoin full node. Overall, the technology is designed to make owning and trading bitcoin so much safer and secure. It is well worth the investment.

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