New Trace One Quality Management System (QMS) Dedicated to Auditing and Non-Conformity Monitoring Set to Launch This Month

Trace One group, a world leader in connecting CPG retailers and manufacturers, is set to launch a new QMS (Quality Management System) in March 2022. The QMS will specialize in audit management, as well as the monitoring of non-conformities, with the aim of “saving time and giving an efficiency boost” to quality managers in the FMCG (Consumer Goods) sector, says Charlotte Le Coz, Product Marketing Manager at Trace One.

“The added value of our QMS is in supporting manufacturers in both the organization of audits as well as the follow-up phase on non-conformities”, she continues. Le Coz is also pleased to note that the new Trace One Quality Management System is “intuitive and easy-to-use and can be seamlessly integrated into a quality manager’s workflow without additional need for training”.

According to Le Coz, the management of audits and their essential follow-up on non-conforming elements can be tedious and time-consuming for quality managers because audits require coordination across various departments and companies. Additionally, non-conformities discovered during the audit do not all garner the same level of importance nor require the same due date for resolution.

“Our QMS manages all non-conformities on a central dashboard that allows them to be tracked and filtered accordingly. Items are graphical, color-coded, and can be accessed and modified with a simple click; thus, the interface greatly eliminates the more tedious aspects of audit follow-up for quality managers,” says Le Coz.

Le Coz estimates that quality managers spend, on average, at least one day a month following up on non-conformities. Managers typically use simple Excel files for the job, manually monitoring and updating the progress of each follow-up item.

“Our goal is to save time and maximize efficiency. All the manual work can be accomplished in a few clicks with our QMS, and the system can also automatically notify appropriate team members as necessary. This makes progress monitoring easier and more effective,” she adds. These time and efficiency gains extend even further, due to the fact that by using the QMS for audit management, “all the information is centralized”.

Though the monitoring and resolution of non-conformities is a central asset of the new QMS, Le Coz also notes that the tool “can help in the organization of audits. It includes forms with formalized fields to save quality managers time in the planning stage, for instance, by automatically preparing emails intended for the departments or suppliers concerned”.

The new Trace One Quality Management System is expected to launch during the month of March and will integrate into the current suite of software tools developed by the French group. Trace one’s digital solutions are used to facilitate collaboration between manufacturers and retailers and are built with a particular focus on continuous improvement.

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