NFT Gaming project DO-GI-OH launches using IBCO

With the promise to bring high-quality games to Web 3, on January 29th, DO-GI-OH project launches to reinvent the NFT gaming space. Based on Polygon (MATIC), DO-GI- OH aspires to build a one-of-a-kind P2E Metaverse that includes several games and lobbies where players may communicate and engage in special events, as well as the NFT marketplace and lounges where users can play their favorite games. Bringing on the hype train your favorite blockchain characters – Doges, Flokis and Shibas, DO-GI-OH project sets to release the first debut game highly inspired by industry classics like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter – DO-GI-OH Fight Club. Since all the characters are upgradable and trainable NFTs, with the opening of DO-GI-OH NFT Marketplace, skill moves, punches, skins, and other attributes will turn your character into a true tradable NFT asset.

The DO-GI-OH project will start with its own native currency, $DGH, based on Polygon (MATIC) which was created as an interoperable utility to facilitate in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases, and more.
Initial Bonding Curve Offering (IBCO), a unique project launching approach that has been available for a while but has garnered little attention owing to its technological complexity, will be used to launch the $DGH token.

How exactly the launch will happen?

In principle, the total quantity of tokens will be 0 at the time of launch, the price of $DGH will begin at 0, and every buy at IBCO will mint new tokens, while every sale will burn $DGH. IBCO will be terminated after the first month, resulting in a fixed supply with no new tokens minted beyond that date, and the sole trading pool available will be hosted on DEX, in this case, QuickSwap, with bridged pools on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

“There are a lot of benefits IBCO brings to brand new NFT gaming projects. The market value of $DGH will have been accurately represented. Without significant buying pressure, the price of $DGH cannot be pushed upward. There are no pre-mined $DGH tokens; instead, all circulating $DGH tokens must be generated by supplying liquidity to the IBCO smart contract. If the price rises, the IBCO smart contract will hold more and more liquidity, which will safeguard the price from large price volatility.” says the co-founder of DO-GI-OH.

When $DGH tokens are sold back to the IBCO smart contract, they are instantaneously burned, reducing the $DGH supply and adjusting the right market price. Because it will be necessary to own a $DGH token in order to mint DO-GI-OH NFTs and compete in our Fighting Game tournaments, this form of project launch provides more trust and a long- term perspective to participants.

The IBCO will be open for only one month in order to limit the supply of $DGH tokens; after that month, no more $DGH tokens will be issued, resulting in a fair maximum total supply of the tokens since all demand would be natural.

Let’s see how the DO-GI-OH project shapes the NFT gaming industry, visit to find out more.

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