Can night vision devices really improve the safety of driving at night?

Driving at night differs significantly from driving during the day. The broad daylight is no more there to guide you and the street lighting may not suffice to help you see the road. The glare of the lights from the opposite direction combined with the deep shadows make it more difficult to perceive the curves. All these factors together add to the dangers of night driving.

Many studies have indicated that a vast majority of fatal accidents take place at night. And thus, it is important to safeguard yourself and others on the road with the help of night driving assistants. This will ensure that you remain safe while driving at night.

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Night Vision Devices

The origin of night vision devices dates back to the time of World War II. The first night devices or infrared viewing systems were termed as gen 0 and were used in the year 1939. These devices were capable of amplifying light about 1000 times. Some of the devices were night goggles, rifles, cameras, binocular, etc.

Then the first generation of night vision devices came into existence in the mid 1960’s. These devices worked on passive technology and didn’t need an infrared illuminator for functioning. During the 1970’s and 1980’s the U.S military worked towards developing the gen II devices and by the end of 1980’s gen III technology was ready.

By the end of the 1990s producers shifted their focus to the consumer market. Fast forward to the present times and you will see that night vision devices have become increasingly popular and are capable of amplifying light by 50,000 times or more.

The last few decades have seen ample technological advancement that has paved way for better night vision devices with clearer images, improved light amplification, and exceptional portability and durability.

How do night vision devices work

There are 2 basic principles based on which all the night vision devices work. One is the active night vision (near-infrared imaging) and passive night vision (far-infrared imaging).

  • Active Night vision system

Such systems make use of an infrared illuminator or a part of the headlamp cluster to produce images of the objects that may be present in the dark. The objective lens in such systems gathers near-infrared light and sends it to the image-intensifier tube that collects and amplifies infrared and visible light. Active night vision systems contain infrared light source of their own that is capable of illuminating objects at a distance in the dark surroundings.

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  • Passive night vision system

This night vision system works by measuring the heat generated by living objects without the need for additional illumination. Warmer objects on the road are detected and shown as lighter images and colder objects show up as dark.

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Thus, by illuminating the images in the dark a night vision device helps you to detect objects in the dark and makes night driving like day time.

Comparison of night vision devices

Several high-end and luxury car manufacturers offer night vision systems in their vehicles. Some of these systems work by using the body heat of the object and produce black and white images. However, these systems did not perform well when it came to detecting immovable objects. Also, some of the passive night vision systems in such cars fair well when the objects are closer to the car (299m) but it failed to deliver clarity.

However, there is one night vision system that has garnered attention for all the right reasons. After a long time of effort, Lanmodo introduced the Vast Pro night vision system. This system offers the best night vision system to drivers, all thanks to the dual 1080P high-resolution front and rear cameras.

The device consists of an IPS screen that displays crisp, clear, and real-time images of the road to keep you safe. With a wide array of built-in features this device is a great choice to maintain driving safety under all circumstances.

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Choosing the right night vision device for yourself

If you are looking for a night vision camera that can be your savior while driving then it has to be the Lanmodo Vast Pro. This system uses the low-light imaging technology that successfully provides you with a clear image of the road even in the dark. The device provides you with colored images of the road that enable you to have better driving experience.

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The Lanmodo Vast Pro consists of dual 1080P high-resolution front and rear-view cameras that depict stunningly crisp images of any object on the road. The night vision camera is waterproof and also features a recording function. This function is a very unique one as it provides recording of both front and rear cameras while driving and even in the parking mode. The gadget offers a 45-degree wide-angle view that enables you to perceive a broader image of the road.

With a visibility of up to 300m, you can perceive the road in advance and take the necessary precautions. Apart from guiding you at night this device also rescues you from unfavorable weather conditions during the day like snow, fog, and rains.

And most of all, this gadget is affordable and compatible with 99% of the car models. Thus, you don’t have to spend a fortune to ensure your safety on the road.


Night vision devices have greatly enhanced road safety. With some very useful safety features and advanced technology night devices can help you to stay safe and take the precautionary measures in advance while driving. By helping you to see the objects on the road, such devices enable you to get alert and act quickly to avoid unfortunate events.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro also helps the elderly drivers and those with weak vision, by letting them view the road in a clear manner. I just check their website, they are now doing golden member promotion, you only need to make a one-time payment of $10 to become their golden member, then you will have the previlege to buy the night vision device with the price of $199, which is worth of $619.

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