Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite: Which One Should You Pick in 2021?


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It has been four years since the Nintendo Switch has been released to the market. As such, it’s not a surprise that certain conversations were ignited whether or not Nintendo Switch is still worth buying this year. With the existence of Nintendo Switch Lite, the conversation became much more saturated. So, which one do you really need? And should you still opt for the Nintendo Switch?

In this article, we will talk about the differences between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite to determine which one is worth buying in 2021.


The starting price of the Nintendo Switch is around $300 whereas the Switch Lite is at $200. When you look at these numbers, you would certainly notice the difference. Perhaps you would even be biased that since the Nintendo Switch is more expensive, then it must’ve had better performance and function. But, is this true? To know, let us discuss how these two are built and where they further go differently.


When you see a picture of one, you would undeniably notice that Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the regular Nintendo Switch. As the name suggests, it is “lite” which means it is also less heavy and way smaller than the Nintendo Switch.


Both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite have the NVIDIA Custom Tegra Processor. This processor is a high-functioning and high-efficiency scalable technology that is based and can be put up with the world’s top gaming graphics cards. It brought a new set of libraries, advanced game tools, and revamped physics engine which made playing the games on both devices easier and faster.


As the name suggests, the Nintendo Switch Lite certainly has a smaller display since it implies it is way smaller than the regular one. It has a 5.5” LED Screen while the Nintendo Switch has a 6.2” one. If you think of it, the Nintendo Switch Lite should have a bigger screen since it cannot be connected to the TV while the Nintendo Switch can be. So, the Nintendo Switch with a larger display can be used as it is and can further be expanded while the Nintendo Switch Lite just as it is, way smaller.

Battery life

Upon the first time that it was released, the Nintendo Switch initially had a battery life of 2.5-6.5 hours. So as compared to the Nintendo Switch Lite released in 2019, the Nintendo Switch falls behind for half an hour. However, after its new release in 2019 with improved battery life, the Nintendo Switch now has a 4.5-9 hour life.

To ensure that you will be getting the one with improved battery life, your console should be in a red box and its serial number should begin with “XKW.” That is the indicator that it is the improved version and not the one that was initially released in 2017.

Is the Nintendo Switch still worth it?

Considering all the factors that were aforementioned, the Nintendo Switch is still worth it for what it’s worth. It is much more expensive than the Nintendo Switch Lite but its specs justify it. So, if you were to choose between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, we suggest you buy the former most especially when you have the budget in the first place. As they say, go big or go home.

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