No deposit codes – what are they and how to use them?

Reading and searching on the Internet about no deposit bonuses Australia top offers, sometimes can be misleading. The Internet is full of such words as bonus, gambling, best slot, best sites, real money, etc. But how to stay vigilant and surf through such saturated information content? The answer is quite easy and straightforward, to read various industry news, blogs, articles and trusted users reviews. Maybe some of you may not know, but there are quite a lot of respected Gambling magazines, the first gambling magazine was published in 1977 in the USA.  Since you’re located in Australia, you’re definitely interested in developers with licenses issued for Australian markets, as for example Microgaming. Platforms should also be adopted for Australian infrastructure with domains ending for .au / or .com

Normally your first perk is a sign-up gift, which you are getting straight forward after completion of registration (After completion of registration, login to your account to get a bonus). No deposit codes or free spin codes can be published regularly on casino’s social networks, for example such strategy is using Australian casino – Golden Reels casino, they are publishing regularly quizzes, riddles and some funny math exercises, so the winners can get additional prizes in promo code format: as bonuses or promos. On some special occasions you can even get electronic gift cards, which can be redeemed for a particular game at your choice.

Where can be found no deposit bonus codes?

Many of you might say that “no deposit bonus codes Australia” are just a marketing trick, but for legit casinos it’s not true! All long-lived online casinos sites are aimed for keeping and motivating their members and players, so all types of bonuses and perks are more like casinos’ gratitude for the players, rather than just to surprise them. About this and many other things you can read on this blog (, which we have spotted recently and liked it a lot!

As always, playing slot machines, please be extra vigilant about scammers. According to the International Association of Gaming Regulators, the number of scams sites in 2019, 2020 and 2021 almost doubled compared to 2010. Quite often after a new potential player is Googling: “online gambling in Australia”, he might get a bunch of scam links, with offers like an initial bonus of $200, or unlimited free spins, or no minimum bet… Realistically those offers are too generous, even for online casinos, you will never be able to retain your winning, as they say: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Enjoy your game! 😊

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