Non-traditional Men’s Wedding Bands – Why You Should Use Them

Wedding bands are more than rings you put on your finger to show you’re married. They’re also important accessories that influence your style and show your personality. You can easily influence how people perceive you with the type of wedding band you have on.

Generally, women are more inclined to wear their wedding bands. However, men have numerous reasons for choosing not to wear their wedding band, one of them being the feminization of their style.

This piece will help you know the types of wedding bands available and which are better for men. It will also show you why men seldom wear wedding bands. Ultimately, you’ll get to know where you can get the best wedding bands for men.

Types of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands, also called wedding rings, are worn on the ring finger by married people. They are signifiers and announcers of an individual’s romantic relationship status. However, they also serve as part of many people’s fashion accessories.

There are two main types of wedding bands, and each one is suitable for the two biological sexes. They are:

Traditional wedding bands

The common wedding band you see on almost every woman’s fingers is the traditional wedding band. They are made from luxury metallic materials such as silver, gold, palladium, and diamond.

Traditional wedding bands are exquisite and stylish. They offer the look of luxury and class to their wearers and are relatively easy to maintain. However, their nature and designs make them more suitable for women than men, although some men still wear them.

Non-traditional wedding bands

Non-traditional wedding bands are not the opposite of traditional wedding bands. They only differ from traditional wedding bands in their appearance and, to some extent, the materials they’re made from. Non-traditional wedding bands are characteristically more laid-back and bold, but they still offer some class to the wearer.

They are usually made from steel, wood, ceramics, fossils, and meteorites. Because of their bold and laid-back appearance, non-traditional wedding bands are more suitable for men.

Why Men Seldom Wear Wedding Bands

Look around; you’ll find more women wearing wedding bands than men. This isn’t because there’s an agreement among men not to wear them, but because of the general acceptance of the traditional wedding band for the couple to promote oneness through similar wedding bands.

Many men will prefer to wear a wedding band if it’s not traditional. Some of the reasons men seldom wear their wedding bands include the following:

The band’s disagreement with their style and personality

Traditional wedding bands are more suited to women’s styles and personalities, but men are expected to wear them to show they’re one with their partners. Traditional wedding bands clash with masculine styles and feminize the perception of many men. Hence, they ditch it.

However, non-traditional wedding bands offer masculine vibes that support men’s styles and personalities.

Their profession

Many men’s professions discourage them from wearing their wedding bands as consistently as they’d like to. Men who work with their hands in liquid or come in contact with human bodies will do so without their wedding bands.

Therefore, doctors, plumbers, laundry workers, and men in similar professions would rather be without their wedding bands than risk losing or damaging them while working.

The durability of the wedding band

The durability of a wedding band depends on the materials they are made from on how the wearer uses them. Traditional wedding bands are made to be more stylish than strong. Therefore, men predisposed to doing jobs that expose their hands to dangers, such as welding and carpentry, are better off without traditional wedding bands on their fingers.

However, non-traditional wedding bands are made from strong materials such as Damascus steel, tungsten, and titanium – and they can survive extreme physical conditions such as striking and retain their appearance.

Importance of Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding bands have the same importance to men as it does to women. There are many pros associated with wearing a wedding band, and some of them are:

Better perception in the society

Society still considers marriage an institution of honor. A couple has a better reception at a gathering when they’re married than when they are dating. Generally, marriage makes people see you as a responsible person.

Men have characteristically been seen as pursuers of more than one female, usually for sexual pleasure. However, a wedding band signifies marriage to one partner, which earns you some respect as a man responsible for the welfare of a family.

Improved fashion and style sense

Wedding bands are also fashion accessories that help improve their wearers’ styles. Traditionally, women have a better sense of fashion than men. However, men can also improve their styles and perception by others by wearing non-traditional wedding bands over traditional ones.

Non-traditional wedding bands enhance the masculine vibe by complementing their wearers’ existing fashion sense. However, choosing the right non-traditional wedding band is important to achieving this. For men who love to be outdoors and love old-fashioned styles, wood and antler wedding bands may be the right wedding band choices. However, men that favor contemporary styles can choose steel wedding bands with carbon fiber inlays. 

A reminder of loyalty and commitment

What’s marriage f it isn’t exclusive, right? Your wedding band reminds you of the loyalty you must maintain to keep your marriage and family together and to work. While there are many temptations, your wedding band can save you from some. It will also constantly remind you of your commitment to one partner.

Your wedding band restricts you from getting past being friendly with members of the opposite sex. However, maintaining loyalty to your partner and commitment to your marriage depends more on your self-discipline than your wedding band.

Where to Get Non-traditional Wedding Bands

Non-traditional wedding bands are what men in marriages should wear to improve their style and show their marital status. But non-traditional wedding bands are less common than traditional ones, so where can they get them from?

Men’s Wedding Bands offer the best non-traditional wedding bands. Visit mens wedding bands to choose the non-traditional wedding band that suits your style and personality.

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