Choosing Nursing as A Profession- Pros and Cons

Image of nurse - image for nursing as a career article 499399When it’s about choosing a professional career or making a career shift, we all weigh the pros and cons of the profession we want to opt for. Nursing is no different! We have catered to many individuals who wanted to undergo thorough research about the profession before making any long-term commitments. We have been through the same and totally get it why you are confused.

Every website, individual or online forum will bombard you with conflicting opinions leaving you more confused so let us simplify it for you. We will give you a detailed insight into the pros and cons of choosing nursing as a profession. It will make the choice easier for you.


Let us give you an overview of the Pros of the Nursing Profession:


If you are among many individuals who feel satisfied by helping others, Nursing is the profession for you. Every day, you will be involved in dealing with patients who are fighting tough battles and what can be more gratifying than saving someone’s life. If you save someone’s life, the joy on their and their family’s face will be the biggest reward of your career.


Nurses are required in every nook and cranny of the world. Whether it’s a cruise or a military base, nurses are required everywhere. You can apply for endless opportunities that are most suited to your lifestyle and career goals. Before pursuing a professional career, you must get the required education. You can register for online MSN to improve your credentials.


We all know doctors can’t survive without a good nursing staff. Nurses are an inseparable part of hospitals and medical care around the world and nobody can ignore the importance of competent nurses. Therefore, this profession will always stay in demand regardless of the changing trends in workforce requirements around the globe.

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It is a common misconception that the nursing staff is under-paid, which is not true. With the help of a few certifications, you can improve your skills and qualifications. If traveling is a hassle for you, opting for online MSN is the ultimate solution for you. It will give you an edge over other nurses and result in changes in getting higher wages. On average a nurse can make annually.


Unlike many other professionals, Nurses are considered, to be honest, respectful and maintain a higher standard of ethics. Many surveys including the Gallup poll have shown that nursing is one of the top professions when it comes to trust and high ethics.


Like every other profession, nursing also comes with a downside and we will give you a clear picture of what it can look like on an ugly day but even with all the cons, we have to say Nursing is and will always be the most trusted, respectful and needed profession.

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During health emergencies or early stages of your career, you might be asked to work late hours, on weekends or on holidays. Young nurses are required to work night shifts but this gets better as you improve your education and gain seniority. Doing a master’s in nursing can help you improve your knowledge as well as give a weightage to your resume.


Being a nurse is a tiresome job. You will have days when you hardly get time to eat, sleep or even sit down for a minute. On days like these, you will be totally exerted and feel like you can’t do it anymore but easing the pain of others will give you the courage to keep going. The smile or any small gesture of gratitude of your patients will get you through days like these. Believe it or not, you won’t even remember the struggle you went through the previous day and every day will feel like a fresh start.


One downside of the nursing profession is that despite taking serious precautions, nurses are prone to catch viruses and infections. The likelihood of such incidences and their severity is low due to serious precautionary measures taken by hospitals to save their staff from such incidences.


Nurses watch so many patients fighting a battle for their lives every day. Some win, some lose. Seeing people in pain, misery, and dying is not easy. It can take a toll on anyone’s mind and nurses are no different. Although they are superheroes in scrubs instead of capes, they have a heart of gold.

A warm heart that breaks when an infant is struggling in a NICU or someone’s parents are taking their last breaths. We recommend you seek the help of professionals and vent out when needed, so you deal with the situation before reaching the burn-out stage. It is very important to take care of your own mental and physical health before looking after anyone else’s.


Patients and their families can be difficult at times, but you have to stay calm. You need to think from their perspective. Seeing a loved one in pain is not easy. You will come across frustrated patients, their families and over-stressed coworkers but staying cool is the key to dealing with such situations. We know you can do it. You will find many techniques on how to deal with difficult co-workers.


On many occasions you will feel that patients trust the advice coming from doctors more than when it comes from nursing staff; however, don’t take it personally. It is just a perception created in the society that nurses are not as well-qualified and trained as doctors. These days nurses are improving their education and you will observe a significant change in the world’s opinion about the nursing staff.


Now that you have an unbiased opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of the nursing profession, let us give you a small recommendation which is “rewards of the nursing profession are always bigger than the hardships”. The decision still rests with you.


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