5 Reasons a Business Should Offer a Dental Benefits Plan

We live in a world where loyalty is at a sharp decline, be it customer loyalty or employee loyalty. The world has become a more fast-paced, more demanding place. People, partners, children, organizations, all want more. Not only do they want more, they are also quick to switch to a better option faster than ever before.

A recent study of more than 34,000 consumers worldwide shows that customer loyalty and retention are declining. Specifically, two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they are more likely to switch to the competitor that provides the best customer service or experience.

If you are an employer in a world like this, it is time for you to up your game. A good way of doing so is by adding a dental benefits plan to the employee benefits you already offer.

Below are 5 reasons a dental benefits plan is going to help your business:

It Makes You a Caring Employer

A caring employer is one that cares about their employee’s needs and wants.

According to a survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, more than two thirds of employees consider dental benefits to be an extremely or very important part of an overall compensation package offered by an employer.

So naturally, employees are going to judge the extent to which you care about them by the presence or absence of a dental benefits plan in the overall compensation package you offer them.

Better Teeth Mean Happier Employees

This one just goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway as it sounds really convincing. Having employees with healthy teeth and overall well-kept dental conditions is considerably better than having employees with tooth aches, sensitivity, and bleeding gums.

Not only are bad dental conditions extremely painful, but they also make it difficult to focus on work and hence decrease efficiency and have adverse effects on results and productivity.

It is a Good Way to stand out among others in the Industry

Many businesses offer medical insurance but not many include dental benefits in it. Therefore, a great way of standing out in the industry is offering dental benefits.

It is Likely to Earn You Increased Loyalty

Workforces at all workplaces want better benefits now, as they are more aware of their rights than ever before.

Better benefits will naturally increase loyalty, and that will mean increased stability for your business. Who likes to hire employees who switch every 6 months, after all. Therefore, a dental benefits plan is a good way to make them stay, and stay happily, thinking that their employer finds it important to invest in their well-being.

It will improve the Reputation of Your Business

If you are a business that does not care about reputation, something is terribly wrong. A bad reputation in the industry can create many problems for you including employees leaving your company and potential employees getting discouraged from applying for you, which can obviously lead to a decline in the workforce that you may not be prepared for.

A good reputation can do just the opposite. It makes your organization attractive for potential employees and good word of mouth is spread about you, resulting in better business.

Moreover, your employees are representatives of your business. Wouldn’t it be a turn off if your representatives had discolored teeth and bad breath?

So what are you waiting for? Get a dental benefits plan for your employees right away!


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