Top 5 Office Designs to Motivate Your Staff

The environment people work can be demotivating. However, an intelligently designed office can be equally uplifting.

A study performed by Hays Group found companies that invest in employee engagement have higher retention rates and a workforce that delivers 52% more output than rivals that have low employee engagement.

What’s more, interior office designers like Office Principles have noticed professional environments that mimic home life have higher production levels.

By incorporating the right design strategies into your office, you increase your chances of motivating your staff and increasing productivity. Here’s a few ideas.

More Play and More Work

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In business, motivation is about finding ways to encourage your staff so that they try their best and take pride in their work. A motivated workforce is a productive workforce.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so they say. It’s well known that we should rest our minds every 45 minutes or so. Recreation at work is also thought to help relax the mind, reduce stress and improve concentration.

Recreation areas are becoming a growing trend in tech hubs and Fortune 500 companies. Walmart HQ in Brazil has a mini-golf course on the roof, whilst a number of companies have installed pool tables, fuss ball and darts.

Relax And Boost Performance

The idea that relaxation areas in a professional environment have a negative impact on productivity is a myth. Research has shown relaxation areas in the office helps workers to enact the work-life balance they crave.

As a result, intelligent office designs boost performance, enhance productivity, increase retention, lower absenteeism and improve job satisfaction.

Here Comes The Sun

Office designs sunlight image 33333You will know from personal experience that sunlight has an uplifting effect on your mood. When you step outside and the sun is shining, you feel great and raring to go. It’s a shame that city dwellers spend around 90% of the time indoors.

The solution is to let sunlight into the office. Natural light has health benefits including stress reduction and improves the circadian rhythm which will help your staff get a healthy night’s sleep.

Workplaces that are flooded with natural light have seen productivity and sales increase by as much as 40%.

Choose Motivating Colors

Being in a workplace with stimulating colors brings more appeal to the environment and refreshes the atmosphere. Colors play a huge role in cognitive function and can impact mood, creativity and productivity.

Bright colors such as red, orange and yellow are known as motivation colors. However, too much can overstimulate the brain and cause a distraction.

The best solution is to blend monochromatic hues with white walls and sprinkle bright colors around the office to inject a healthy burst of energy. Colors of nature such as pale blue, green and pastel shades inspire calmness and help reduce stress.

Activity-Based Working

The modern workforce performs better when they work in an environment that is conducive to the task they are performing. The solution office designers recommend is the agile office concept which promotes flexible working.

Office designers are coming up with impressive concepts that encourage activity-based working, such as areas that promote collaboration, quiet rooms that allow people to concentrate and cafe areas which encourage the best ideas to emerge from a brainstorm.

If you feel your business need to motivate staff to help increase productivity and performance, a change of surroundings is a good place to start. Companies get more from their staff when people are motivated.