Offshore vs Nearshore software development: When should we outsource?

The world of outsourcing has multiple options to suit the needs of any client. Among the most popular options is offshore and nearshore outsourcing. That is why, in this opportunity, we will explain when you should hire these services, don’t miss it!

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Offshore software development services

What is it and when should you hire them?

When we talk about offshore development companies, they are those located in other countries about the client.

This client can be another company or an individual, who decides to hire the services of a company located abroad. In other words, this method can be considered as a working partnership with a team located in another country.

Now, when should you hire this type of service? The main reason to opt for this service is to reduce production costs. This is due to the cheaper labor rates, which can be found in the countries where the offshore developers are from.

In other words, the main option will always be to save capital, but also to obtain a professional-quality result.

Since the companies that offer these services are located in another country or continent, it is normal to find big-time differences. For example, there are companies such as Existek, which are dedicated to offshore software development in Ukraine, that is, anyone who hires the services of this professional company must understand that there are a time and language barrier. But language difficulties can be overcome with English and time differences with good communication.

Now that you know this way of hiring, would you dare to use it? If it does not meet your requirements, we encourage you to continue reading our publication and find the answers you are looking for.

Nearshore development companies

What are they and when should you hire them?

Experts say that nearshore sourcing has all the advantages of offshore sourcing, but much better. Why do they say this? The answer is very simple.

When we refer to nearshore sourcing, we are talking about those companies that need to hire another company, but not too far away from them.

In other words, the company must be on the same continent or even in a neighboring country. For example, there are companies like Arkusnexus, which specialize in nearshore software development services. This company is of Mexican origin and offers services to clients from any country on the continent. Due to its proximity to the United States, they usually work with companies from the neighboring country.

This is a great advantage because labor costs are greatly reduced, there is no time difference and the language barrier can be easily overcome, but this company is not the only one, it is normal that all Latin American countries have these services for the United States.

Because of these advantages, nearshore outsourcing is considered to be the best today. Many companies choose to hire or offer these services, due to the high demand, and thanks to technological development, every day it is easier to have these types of services.

Nearshore software development is the most popular nowadays

Although the other types of outsourcing are not bad options, the figures speak for themselves. Outsourcing work to nearshore development companies is all the rage. If you need to reduce production costs, outsourcing to a nearshore company is the right choice for you.

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