OHZ Remote Surveillance and How It Helps Retail Stores

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For retail stores, preventing losses plays a big role in effectively sustaining profit margins. Setting up a retail surveillance system with OHZ remote surveillance is a powerful security solution to deter theft and catch shoplifting cases. Besides managing retail inventory, this security system also improves employee productivity, optimizing the customers’ shopping experience.

Do retail stores need OHZ remote surveillance?

In places where plenty of people meet and buy goods, retail stores are susceptible to a number of risks. From robbery and pickpocketing to mass shootings and terrorist attacks, retail stores should consider upgrading their security solutions to make sure they reduce, if not eliminate, potential risks. 

Below are the key reasons why retail stores must incorporate OHZ remote surveillance:

Identifying best practices in serving customers

Improving employee conduct is universally a best practice for retail stores, but store managers can still mark other areas of the retail customer experience using retail surveillance for improvement. Identifying best practices using this security solution does not work for all retail stores, as it is tailored to that store and its operations. Store managers can then enforce the best practices to focus on the currently substandard areas of the store’s customer experience.

Improving employee productivity

Employee productivity is a critical component that affects the success of a retail store. Ideally, store managers can use the retail surveillance footage to evaluate employees and proactively improve retail conduct. They can use the footage to correct any inefficient and unsafe store practices. Lastly, retail management can track performance progress and find underperforming employees objectively.

Managing retail locations remotely

Remote staff monitors the feeds in real time, which helps prevent theft and shoplifting incidents. As soon as they detect suspicious behavior, they will notify managers, store owners, and even the authorities. 

Overseeing retail inventory

Retail surveillance systems can enhance how store owners and managers approach inventory control. For example, merchandising managers have access to all the tools needed to track retail activity and traffic with unparalleled reliability and specificity. Aside from tracking retail traffic, managers can easily audit sales and inventory transfers across multiple locations.

Preventing employee theft

One of the benefits of OHZ retail surveillance is letting management monitor internal theft and enhance store security. Theft in the workplace weakens the trust that retail managers put in their employees. Therefore, it is crucial to quickly resolve cases where employees steal from the store with complete evidence.

Surveillance camera footage ensures quick action against employee theft. It provides store managers with evidence of incidents that security guards could have overlooked.

Providing a better customer experience

Store managers and owners can review retail surveillance footage to confirm improvements in customer experience. If they could not observe any incremental changes, they would use it to iterate on future adjustments.

Reducing retail theft

Managing internal theft is a crucial aspect of retail management, but theft prevention can also be an external concern. Retail surveillance footage can reveal internal theft. But it can also provide law enforcement with a clear visual and logistical detail should external theft arise.

The value of OHZ retail surveillance 

Retail management teams can conclude that OHZ retail surveillance is important in preventing theft in the workplace. Introducing security cameras extends what store managers and other leaders can see during store operations. It also equips them with tangible accounts of in-store incidents. We have already reached the age where competition among retailers gets stiffer and stiffer. Thus, they must do everything they can to improve customer experience. Remote surveillance in retail stores is a huge game-changer, and here are the reasons why:

Identifying theft in the workplace more accurately

A retail surveillance system provides the team visibility throughout the store, whether there are shoplifting or employee theft incidents. Security teams will handle any incident of theft with recorded footage, which often reveals thieves as they carry out the crime in question.

Integrating video footage into employee training

During the training and onboarding phase, store managers can set up new hires for success and streamline new employee onboarding by sharing real footage of employee in-store behaviors. In the field where retail operations vary between companies, having access to customer interactions is a way to drive new hires to success.

Remote surveillance during off-hours

Having a 24-hour coverage of retail stores guarantees the availability of recorded footage at any time of the day. Aside from capturing all incidents and other activities, video recordings can mitigate and prevent future incidents by alerting security personnel and providing them with analytics in case of unauthorized activities outside business hours.

Must-have features for OHZ remote surveillance

Investing in remote surveillance systems involves picking the features the store needs for enhanced protection against internal and external threats. Below are some of the most useful features every remote surveillance system should have:

Nonstop recording

Some retail stores use dummy cameras that only serve as criminal-deterrent, but they could still risk crucial incidents, from small shoplifting cases to organized retail robberies. Retail stores must invest in 24/7 surveillance if they do not want to miss the events they need to catch.

Night vision

Monitoring parking spaces and other surrounding areas will ensure store security. To do that, they must invest in night vision. Otherwise, the security cameras will be useless at night.

Remote access and surveillance

This feature is not referring to the ability of store owners and managers to monitor the store. An effective security solution is to have a group of professionals reviews the feeds from a remote location. Several incidents may happen during off-hours, including theft, break-ins, vandalism, etc. As soon as the remote staff detects abnormal behavior in the store, they can alert the local authorities if necessary. This feature helps quickly resolve any incident that may occur.


Small retail stores should plan to scale – they must choose a surveillance camera system that is easy to set up across new locations. Retailers with multiple locations must seek to scale their usage throughout the locations to maximize their surveillance efforts.

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