Oktoberfest shoes to wear with traditional German attire

If you have chosen Trachten outfits like Lederhosen and Dirndl at Oktoberfest, complete the festive look by wearing traditional Bavarian shoes. You do not need to invest in expensive Oktoberfest shoes, as many economical options are available. You can even rent or buy second-hand shoes. However, I prefer to buy footwear that is comfortable and water-resistant.

Coming to the type of these traditional shoes, the options are endless both for men and women. Consider your festive outfit style, color, and other aspects to find the perfect footwear. Apart from conventional shoe styles, people are adopting new looks by pairing even traditional sneakers with their outfits. So, the choice is all yours, but never ignore the authenticity with the modern touch.

Oktoberfest Shoes for Women with Dirndl and Lederhosen 

Gone are the days when the companions to a woman’s dirndl were sensible Mary Janes as their low heels provided stability for twirling under the beer tents. Times have changed now. 

We have entered the era of exciting options for ladies’ footwear for Oktoberfest, featuring Bavarian styling details with a classy modern flair. From the beginnings to the contemporary interpretations, one thing remains constant: the desire to find the perfect pair that allows you to embrace the festival’s spirit in comfort and style

Comfort Footwear 

Ballet Flats: Forever stylish and highly comfortable, these Dirndl shoes are available in classic solid colors and Bavarian-inspired patterns like polka dots or embroidery. Pair them with knee-high socks for a vintage look. 

Loafers: Made of leather, suede, or canvas materials for year-round wear, these women’s shoes offer stability to explore a beer festival easily. They are adorned with buckles, tassels, or even the Bavarian flag motifs for an authentic vibe with German Lederhosen

Sandals and Flip-Flops: When the weather is hot, sandals and fancy flip-flops are the best footwear for your traditional German outfit. Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, and you can choose gladiator styles for a bold statement or go for boho-chic vibes. However, open-toed shoes are generally not recommended for Oktoberfest in Munich due to potential spillage. 

Slippers: Dirndl slippers are cute Oktoberfest footwear offering ultimate cozy comfort. Embroidered with traditional patterns or playful bows, these Oktoberfest flats offer a highly casual yet rustic look.

Sneakers: To add a modern twist to your German attire while enhancing comfort, wear traditional sneakers adorned with Oktoberfest motifs, patterns, embroideries, or lacing. They are perfect for younger visitors and for those with longer walking distances. 

Wedges or Platforms: Offering a gentle lift without sacrificing comfort, wedges and platforms come in various materials, styles, and embellishments. They provide stability for dancing and a touch of height for those who desire it.

Women’s Traditional Shoes 

Mary Janes: As one of the traditional Bavarian shoes for women, Mary Janes offers sophistication with their low heels. They are perfect for dancing without sacrificing comfort. Intricate embroidery or embellishments add more to the rustic flair. 

Ankle Boots: Combining style and functionality, ladies ankle boots are made of leather or suede materials and designed with laces, buckles, or zippers. They are ideal for cooler weather and provide important grip for slippery floors while adding a touch of edge to your Oktoberfest costume. 

Heels: For the fashion-forward, kitten or block heels offer a sophisticated touch. They are usually adorned with traditional elements and motifs for a festive look. Choose muted tones for a classic look and vibrant colors for a bolder statement.

Bavarian Shoes for Men with Lederhosen 

For men attending the Weisn, choosing authentic Bavarian shoes significantly complements the traditional attire. The evolution of men’s Oktoberfest shoes reflects tradition and functionality, originating from the rugged footwear worn by Bavarian peasants. 

Over time, these lederhosen shoes have transformed from simple designs to incorporate decorative elements while maintaining their strong construction. Today’s Trachten shoes for men feature historical design with comfort and style. 

Haferl Shoes

Haferl shoes or Haferlschuhe are among the best men’s traditional footwear. Characterized by their sturdy design, they are made of leather with side lacing details. These leather shoes are available in many colors that you can pair excellently with traditional German dresses to enjoy an authentic Oktoberfest look. 


Traditional boots for men can be an excellent choice for cooler weather or visitors seeking a rustic look. They often feature durable materials and designs that reflect alpine aesthetics. Besides, they provide great support and protection, suitable for long hours of standing and dancing​​. 


Traditional sneakers can be incorporated into your wardrobe for a more casual and modern combination. While not traditional in the real sense, these mens casual shoes offer unparalleled comfort, especially for visitors who prioritize ease of movement and a relaxed style. Look for traditional-themed sneakers for a unique blend of old and new​​​​.

Slip-Ons and Trachten Slippers

Slip-on shoes and Trachten slippers for men offer a relaxed and easy-to-wear option for those who prefer convenience and a laid-back style. These shoes can vary in design, from traditional looks to simple, modern aesthetics. 


If you want the authentic look, go for traditional shoes for Oktoberfest. However, if you are more concerned about enjoying drinking beer, wear whatever shoes you want. Explore the best Oktoberfest shoe styles and pick the one that lets your personality shine while making you feel confident and festive. 


Is wearing socks with Oktoberfest shoes essential?

Wear socks with traditional shoes that can enhance comfort by absorbing sweat and preventing chafing, offer additional warmth during cooler times, and elevate the festive look with traditional or colorful knee-high styles. However, the choice to wear socks ultimately depends on personal preference. 

What are the traditional Bavarian shoes for men?

The Haferlschuh is the authentic Bavarian shoe, featuring robust design and side lacing, serving as a cultural staple for traditional German attire, especially during festivities like Oktoberfest.

What are the authentic Bavarian shoes for women?

For women, authentic Bavarian shoes include the Dirndl pumps and Trachten boots, which are elegantly designed to complement traditional dresses like the Dirndl, blending comfort with the region’s cultural heritage.