Old Rodeo Arena To Be Turned Into Affordable Housing In Granby, Colorado

In 2021, the average monthly rent cost increased by 14.1%. For millions of Americans in the 2020s, affordable housing has been little more than an elusive concept. But projects like the Granby workforce housing initiative in Colorado are changing that. An old rodeo arena is currently being cleared out for the development of 300 residential property units that are affordable for the working class.

New Lease On Life For Granby Locals

Granby, Colorado is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. Finding a short-term rental or hotel room is easy to come by, but local residents struggle to find permanent homes that fit within their budget. As is often the case in towns with a large and ever-changing tourist population, housing tends to be both expensive and lacking in availability. But although affordable housing has previously been scarce for the local inhabitants of Granby, the town is now pulling together for a project that will introduce major change to the housing market.

Creating A Community

The new community will be focused on providing homes for medical staff, teachers, trade workers, service industry employees, and other full-time residents who contribute unsung value to the town. A 30-acre plot of land between the Silver Sage subdivision and Flying Heels Rodeo Arena is being re-landscaped and readied for the development of a mixture of different housing types.
Townhomes, duplexes, apartment blocks, and single-family homes with their own backyards will be laid out in a communal manner, adding to residential security. The plan is for 300 new housing developments to be erected, each of which will be available for either long-term rent or sale.

Laying Down A Foundation

Having recently released the architectural and landscaping plan for this new housing community, locals are starting to get excited about the project. In fall of 2021, full-time residents from Granby were invited to participate in a survey to offer their perspectives on what kind of property developments they would like to see in their town.
There was even an open-house discussion several months later for locals to weigh in on the proposed architectural designs. With the approval of both the community and the municipality, developments are projected to start in early fall or late summer of 2023.

Additional Plans For Green Space

In addition to the family homes, this project also entails landscaping design for communal green space, a playground, paths for dog walking, and possibly even a community center. The idea is to create a safe, affordable environment for families to live in without fear of drastic rate increases, shortened lease agreements, or a lack of housing opportunities.
The landscaping process is expected to take some time, but there are plenty of accomplished landscaping workers in the town already. If you are looking for one for your business, simply Google “land clearing near me” to find a suitable facilitator.
The drivers behind this project, Pel-Ona Architects & Urbanists, claim that the initiative is designed with working-class families in mind, and that the development will center around their needs.