European innovation – Oncolytic virotherapy Cancer medicine in Chinese Market

Despite the global pandemic and the general economic situation, some companies have been able to continue their development successfully, like Rigvir holding, a family company in Northern Europe that started researching viruses in the last century, focusing on the problem of cancer treatment.

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Rigvir holding has concluded a deal with Sinorda Biomedicine, which is a Chinese biotech company, on development and commercialisation of Oncolytic virotherapy cancer medicine in the Chinese market and the value of the deal amounts to EUR 8 million.

According to Sinorda Biomedicine board chairman, the company is happy to include such a promising drug in its portfolio, which has proven itself to be safe and efficient. The objective of their contract was to help in the development and commercialization of its product, ECHO-7 oncolytic virotherapy cancer medicine aiming to save and improve the lives of people fighting cancer.

ECHO – 7 is a live, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, unmodified immunomodulator Oncolytic virus with anti-tumour effect for treatment of melanoma and prevention of relapse and metastasis after radical surgery.

Through research and ever-increasing publications, Rigvir holding contributes to the medical field and society by providing information about the medicine’s effectiveness and easy tolerability for patients. Unlike traditional therapies, oncolytic viruses are known to specifically target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

As an appealing benefit to patients, oncolytic viral therapy works without the harsh side effects as conventional therapies such as chemotherapy. Most of the post-therapy symptoms are reported to dissipate within a few days.

Also, oncolytic viruses show the ability to kill cancerous cells that have become resistant to other treatment methods. Many oncolytic viruses are systemically administered and have a greater safety quotient than other related therapies.

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