OneGold Review 2023: Precious Metals Investing

Are you considering investing in precious metals? In today’s uncertain economic landscape, many people are turning to precious metals as a safe haven and a hedge against inflation. 

If you’re looking for a trusted company to handle your precious metals investment, you’ve likely come across numerous dealers in the industry. Deciding on which precious metals dealer is right for you is not an easy decision.

OneGold is an option worth exploring if you’re considering venturing into precious metals investment. This online platform offers a streamlined approach to owning precious metals, making it convenient and accessible for investors.

With flexible storage options, straightforward pricing, and great customer reviews, OneGold sounds promising. But how does it perform in practice? In this comprehensive OneGold review, we’ll look into the details to help you determine if OneGold is the right fit for your investment goals.

What Is OneGold?

OneGold is an online platform that enables investors to directly invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. With secure vaults in multiple countries, investors can buy, hold, and sell these assets at spot prices. 

OneGold is jointly owned by APMEX and Sprott, leading firms in the precious metals industry. Their partnership ensures a reliable and accessible precious metals ownership experience. 

OneGold Features

  • Precious Metal Investing: OneGold offers the purchase, sale, and redemption of gold, platinum, and silver, which are securely vaulted in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada. Investors can easily choose their preferred metals and vault locations.
  • AutoInvest: The platform provides the option to autoinvest in gold, silver, and platinum on a recurring basis. This feature allows investors to navigate market fluctuations and reduce the risk of buying at unfavorable times.
  • IRA: Investors can utilize a self-directed IRA to invest in precious metals through OneGold. This offers the advantage of tax benefits associated with precious metals investments. Custodians for the OneGold IRA include STRATA Trust Company, Kingdom Trust, and New Direction Trust Company.
  • Bullion Card: OneGold offers the Bullion Card, a Visa Signature credit card that is the first of its kind in the precious metals industry. Users earn rewards in gold and silver with their purchases. They receive an introductory 4% back in gold and silver when buying on the platform and 1% back in gold and silver for other purchases. After spending $1,500, users earn a $150 value in 15,000 bonus points.

OneGold Pricing

OneGold offers both free and paid services for investors interested in precious metals. Creating an account with OneGold is free, allowing you to access their platform 24/7 and view current metals prices. 

When it comes to purchasing metals, the platform requires a minimum deposit of $100 for funding your account. You can make fractional purchases, so you don’t have to spend the full amount per transaction. 

Payments for purchases can be made through various methods such as check, credit card, bank account, and even Bitcoin. If you decide to redeem your digital assets, you will receive the equivalent value of the current spot price (-30%) in the appropriate metal type via APMEX. 

OneGold offers relatively low storage fees, with a storage fee of 0.12 percent for gold holdings and 0.30 percent for silver or platinum holdings. The pricing of precious metal items may vary based on the type of metal and the country in which you wish to acquire them. 

OneGold Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Affordable storage fees for precious metals
  • Convenient mobile app for easy access and management
  • Backed by reputable companies in the precious metals industry
  • Flexible investment options with a minimum investment of one dollar
  • Positive customer feedback and no major complaints reported
  • Excellent customer service
  • Simple and straightforward setup process
  • User-friendly website with valuable information
  • Strong security integrations for enhanced protection
  • AutoInvest feature reduces investment risks and enhances potential returns


  • Limited industry experience as OneGold has been operating for only four years
  • Room for improvement in providing specialized investment platforms
  • Learning curve associated with the platform’s features and functionalities
  • Third-party involvement in handling IRAs

OneGold Alternatives

If you’ve reached this point in our comprehensive OneGold review and it doesn’t quite meet your needs, don’t worry, there are alternative options available. If you prefer the convenience of purchasing gold through a user-friendly mobile app, Vaulted could be the ideal solution for you. This Vaulted Review provides insights into how you can start investing in precious metals with as little as $10.

If you value the flexibility of a wide range of precious metals products, BGASC is worth considering. The experts at BGASC not only offer various investment options but can also guide you through the process of investing in precious metals within your IRA. For a more detailed understanding of this process, check out this BGASC review.

Final Thoughts

OneGold provides a user-friendly platform with low storage fees and a convenient mobile app, making it a compelling choice for investing in precious metals. 

If you’re ready to start investing in precious metals, click here to begin your journey with OneGold and explore their offerings firsthand.