Online Casinos And Their Rewards: How Do Casinos Reward Their Customers?

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, digital services suffered an increase in their use. This includes online casinos, the digital service of land-based casinos.

Players were forced to leave the casinos and shelter in their homes, but that did not stop them from continuing to enjoy their hobby.

Like other economic sectors, casinos had to adapt to the new needs of their public and the demands of the pandemic. In the process, casinos put out multiple rewards to thank their customers for loyalty, but newbies can be a bit confused seeing so many rewards. Therefore, in this publication, we will explain how casinos reward their players.

Online casinos have different prizes

All players receive some kind of prize from the casino. Awards are generally presented in the following ways:

  • Bonds.
  • Prizes with objects.
  • Promotions
  • Cash rewards.

But not all casinos have bonuses or promotions. For example, Pinnacle casino does not have promotions and bonuses, instead, they claim to have the lowest house edge of all casinos. Other casinos, such as Comeon Casino, among many others, do have promotions, bonuses, and prizes for their players. Each casino rewards its players in different ways, generally almost all casinos offer a bonus, with minor exceptions.

If the casino offers bonuses to its players, it is important to know that there are 4 types of bonuses:

No deposit bonuses: These are bonuses that are delivered without the need to make a deposit. 4 subtypes can be distinguished:

  • Free Games: These are free games in any game of chance in the casino.
  • Free spins: these are bonuses for slots, where a certain amount of spins are free and the winnings obtained increase during these spins.
  • Cashback bonus: some casinos give back a small amount of money lost in gambling.
  • Limited-time bonuses: these bonuses are usually related to a specific date or celebration, such as Christmas or Halloween.

Welcome bonuses: these are the bonuses given, only once, to new casino players. Generally, this bonus can be awarded in 3 ways:

  • With the first deposit: the welcome bonus is a percentage of the first deposit up to a maximum amount. For example, if it is equal to 100% of the first deposit up to a maximum of $ 100, when a deposit is made for $ 100, the bonus of $ 100 will be obtained.
  • Delivered in a staggered manner: in these cases, the casino will deliver the bonus in a staggered manner, depending on whether the client meets a series of previously established conditions.
  • Loyalty bonuses: these are the bonuses that reward the most loyal players. Many casinos have a loyalty system, with which they reward their players and in the process give out loyalty bonuses.

Friend bonus (also known as referral bonus) – Many casinos reward their players when they invite new customers.

Promotions are simpler and more numerous rewards, intended to complement bonuses, usually related to a specific game of chance.

Cash and item prizes are rarer. Generally, item prices tend to be expensive and the sums of money awarded in cash prizes can range from small amounts to large amounts.

All promotions and bonuses have a series of conditions

Terms and Conditions for all bonuses, promotions and prizes

In general, the terms are very well explained in the same browser window, where it is accepted to receive the bonus or promotion. In these terms, the casino details the requirements to receive the bonus and how to collect it, in the vast majority of cases, the requirements are very similar between different casinos, but there is always a slight variation.

The most important condition for bonuses is the rollover, which would be the number of times the obtained bonus must be wagered. If the bonus is $ 100 and the rollover is X10, the player must wager $ 1,000 before collecting the bonus. The other requirements are much easier to meet.

Online casinos are here to stay with us

The future is already written, online casinos will be the new fashion of gambling. Although we return to normal, the trend will continue, online casinos will overtake physical ones.

 Feel free to give yourself a chance to try an online casino and enjoy all its rewards.

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