7 Popular Online Certification Programs For Management Graduates

Online certification programs image 44444In today’s modern tech-driven industry, there is huge demand for qualified IT as well as management professionals to implement strategic business operations effectively to ensure overall success.

When it comes to hiring management professionals, most companies seek qualified management graduates with certification or degree courses to their badge. There is high demand for management professionals who have gained expertise in a reputable management degree course or graduation certification.

If you wish to excel in the field of management professionally, you should consider applying for an MBA online certification course after you have completed your management graduate degree. Fortunately, there are several online certification programs that offer high-end management graduate degrees and courses.

Importance of Online Management Certification Programs

As per a recent study, it was found that students who took part in some form of the online course were more successful professionally compared to their peers who only ever studied in traditional offline education.

Online courses offer significant benefits in virtually every field of education. Whether it is an IT or management course, when you take an online course, you have access to a comprehensive range of online resources that can help you gain in-depth knowledge in your field of study.

Online education today offers a wide range of management and business courses from diploma, undergraduate, to postgraduate degree levels.

Since the advent of the Internet, how we work, play, and shop has changed dramatically. How we study has undergone a considerable transformation. We no longer need to live near a university or college to attend a course. As long as we have access to the Internet, we can study virtually anything we want.

Top Online Certification Programs for Management Graduates

If you are a management graduate and want to hone your skills as a management professional, here are some top online management certification programs:

1. MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics

As the world emphasizes strongly the importance of data and its analysis, the MBA online certification with specialization in Business Analytics from upGrad is a powerful qualificatin to have under your belt.

In today’s global marketplace, there is very strong demand for professional Data Analysts. They are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting huge amounts of business-centric data. Around 73 percent of organizations around the globe have invested in Big Data.

With this interactive course, you can become a leading Data Manager with the new-age MBA (Executive) degree from NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education. The course curriculum has been designed for working professionals, and aims to deliver over 1000 hours of rigorous learning.

2. PG Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication

Digital marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services using digital technologies, which in today’s marketplace is mainly the Internet. Put simply, digital marketing means online marketing or Internet marketing.

This is yet another highly sought-after digital marketing course for those of you with management ambitions. With the help of this PG (Post-graduation) certification course, you can look forward to becoming a professional digital marketing expert as you get to specialize in  content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, branding, market analytics, etc. The participants of this course receive a high-end certification from MICA & Facebook. As such, you can look forward to having an impressive portfolio as you apply for your dream job in the field of management.

3. Product Management Certification Program

As a management professional, you must be adept at building effective product roadmaps through user research, product analysis, and prototyping. In this course, you learn those vital skills.

This course – a collaboration between upGrad and the prestigious Duke CE – includes more than 160 hours of in-depth learning.

Graduates in this course can look forward to well-paid positions as, for example, product managers, product analysts, and product designers.

4. Executive Program in Strategic Digital Marketing

In today’s tech-driven business environment, digital marketing solutions are gaining huge popularity across the world.

A Salesforce study report rveals that marketing executives tend to spend as much as 3/4th of their total marketing budget on digital marketing. Digital marketing has become much more important for businesses today than traditional marketing.

As new online business ventures keep emerging, they require the expertise of professional digital marketers to handle specialized services based on their unique business requirements. This is where the importance of an Executive Program in Strategic Digital Marketing program comes in.

The  course has been specifically designed by CJBS and upGrad for working professionals.

5. PG Program in Management, Specialization in Sales & Digital Marketing

Learn the basics of business sales & digital marketing strategies by applying for this upGrad Management course. The course allows you to master the fields of sales & digital marketing in the modern era.

It has been designed for working professionals who want to upscale their professional profiles. With the help of this program, course participants can learn all about some of the latest and most effective sales & digital marketing strategies.

6. Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a leading entrepreneur? The specialized Entrepreneurship Certificate Program by upGrad might make that dream come true. If you already have a graduate degree in the field of management, you should consider applying for this specialized certification program.

In this program, you get to learn the basics of entrepreneurship from Ronnie Screwvala.

7. PG Program in Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract that a person and an insurance company make. The insurance policyholder pays a premium, for which the insurance company promises to pay a lump sum. The lump sum is paid when the policyholder dies. We call this money a death benefit. In most cases, that money goes to the insured person’s partner or children. Worldwide, people spend hundreds of billions of dollars on life insurance. It is a huge industry.

If you wish to pursue a professional career in the field of Life Insurance, you should consider applying for this PG program in Life Insurance by upGrad.

With this certification program, you can look forward to getting full-time assured jobs in some of the leading Life Insurance companies in India. The course also provides access to seven months of full-time internship with an attractive stipend for participants.

These courses offer you an opportunity to enhance your resume, get some in-depth knowledge in you target field, and improve you chances of being offered the job of your dreams.