Online forms: secure tools to improve business decisions

Every day, e-commerce is looking for alternatives to get closer to customers through mechanisms that make it easier to expand its marking network. These objectives, which invite you to inquire about the most creative and effective way to collect data about your users, lead us down the path of online forms, which allow you to know your audience, one of the essential steps to make these businesses work.

Online forms

Nowadays it is very easy to quickly add these forms to websites, blogs, online stores or other digital media, which have become necessary and very useful tools, as they represent a safe and easy to implement solution to collect the data you need in an automated and consistent way, whether it is customer information, event attendees, sales leads, or any other type of information.

Advantages of forms

When first approaching this way of optimizing sales of any type of product, many wonder what the advantages of this process are to gather the necessary information in a logical and meaningful way.

  • Can be used in different ways

One of the arguments is that the forms can be used in different ways, allowing you to get the data you need to build a basis for the distribution of your communications and marketing strategies.

  • Improve customer experience

They can also help streamline service delivery and improve the overall customer experience. They also allow you to control the quality of the data you are collecting; for example, you can set up security controls for people to submit an email address, a phone number….

  • Control the type of data you want to gather

Added to these features is the ability to control the type of information you want to collect from the customer. By providing specific fields and designating which of these fields are mandatory, you get the information you need. For example, several forms ask for the city of origin, full name, telephone number or email address.

  • Lower printing costs

Another benefit is reduced printing costs, as they offer a range of data collection options for almost every industry and provide a clear way to reduce paperwork and increase data security. In addition, online forms make the process of obtaining information more flexible, which is beneficial to everyone.

  • Streamline work

They also streamline the work for personalized campaigns, targeted business analysis and segmentation by user type on websites. They also have the ability to encourage potential customers to contact product sellers, and for existing customers they provide a quick and easy way to reach them.

The design of this type of tools is possible through platforms where you can access an online form builder. In this case, the variety of options available offers the possibility of having an online form ready in a few minutes, without the need to know anything about programming and with a professional appearance, which helps to achieve a pleasant and interactive contact with customers.

These online form builders  include all the elements of a paper form, such as writing text, drawing a sketch, filling in a checkbox or adding a signature; and add others such as taking photos from a mobile device and adding them to the report, automatically detecting geographic position and indicating GPS data or address, recording voice messages, and scanning barcodes and NFC tags.

They also facilitate the creation of dynamic form fields, i.e. according to the answers previously completed; other fields appear or disappear, configure automatic calculations and instantly send emails with the data of the digital form that has just been filled in.

Last words

These are some of the informative elements that forms can provide, and that are currently being used by the most avant-garde companies for their usefulness in making better decisions for their businesses. These bets on digital tools are already leaving a mark in the minds and hearts of consumers.

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