This is how the online gambling market is set to grow by the end of 2026

Everyone likes to gamble on something. You could place the weekly odds on the football match that you are following, or you could place a bet on the quarterly boxing match that you are looking forward to. Truth is, once in a lifetime or weekly, we all place a bet here and there. Many companies conduct studies, vox pop, and surveys about gambling, and only recently we learned that the online gambling sphere will go from strength to further strength.

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A study that was done by the research firm Global Market Insights, suggests that online bets will see massive uplift, sooner rather than later. This could be due to the fact that nowadays, you do not need a desktop to place a bet, you just need to double-tap your smartphone and place your bets.  Hence this will facilitate the gambler’s gambling process.

The rise of gambling stems from many mediums and outlets.  Online casinos, betting sites, and even land-based betting shops. It is the art form that often is referred to as internet gambling and is mostly done over the internet nowadays.

There are many ways of gambling, and these include slot machines, keno, poker, baccarat, scratch cards, lotteries, roulette, poker, and blackjack.  The notion is that you spend x amount of money on a game and if you win you take home your original money spent along with a set amount of additional win money.

Fast Forward to 2020 and add a splash of technology in the mix.  This is when new features have been added to various sites and platforms, offering additional ways on how to get gamblers more interested and lure them in.

We have been introduced to fantasy leagues, Virtual Reality, Simulation, 3 D Animation, Live Dealer Games, and also a good number of streaming tables from land-based casinos. And more is in store for the years to come. It is estimated that the gambling niche will generate a substantial amount of growth, 160 Million dollars to be precise, and all of this will happen just before the year 2026 will end.

Other sports that gamblers like to spend a dime or two on include bingo, poker, lotteries, casino, and other online games.  If we had to take gambling a further step. We can see people betting or more intense games, these include tennis, horse racing, Formula 1, football, esports, boxing, and even UFC.  Funnily enough, science and technology play a big part in gambling. Who would have thought I hear you say …and honestly you are right. Since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the market has had a revamp.

Another feature that has helped the online gambling market is cashless payments. There is no need to use your credit cards and expose your details these days, and this is thanks to the vast selection of payment methods.

Some online casinos also take it a step further and offer a Bank ID registration through Trustly. Another feature includes having female gamblers, and if you look closely at a live casino section within an online casino, most of the live tables are manned by females.  All of these features will indeed help the growth and revenue generation for the gambling market.

On another note, there are some games that have suffered due to the introduction of online markets. Let’s take lotteries for example. Lotteries were a massive thing globally, especially in Colombia. However, they took a big hit when Baloto took over the market as an electronic lottery game that is managed by Coljuegos. Although Baolto has significantly decreased the traditional lottery tickets, we will evidently witness online growth in the future.

If we had to split the online gambling world, we would half it between a desktop niche and also a mobile one.  The modern gambler is always on the go and always seeking ways to get entertained whilst commuting etc. Sports betting is a massive market, and nowadays we can still witness the growth with marketing campaigns and bonus offers that casinos and sportsbook sites offer.

Globally if we take into consideration the Covid-19 world pandemic, the market has seen and witnessed a dip in recent months. There were massive events and leagues that were cancelled, some postponed. The world went into strict lockdowns globally, and everyone suffered and is still suffering from this. On the other hand, sports started to introduce bubbles, and one of the countries that enjoyed the uplift was Australia.

The country recorded a massive 67% growth in online gambling in April 2020. Many have argued that this could be due to the closure of most land-based casinos, so gamblers could only get their gambling fix online. The truth is, with land-based casinos and also your regular betting shop being closed …only an online casino could offer such fun to gamblers.

Other companies recorded growth during the lockdown times. Global Poker is deemed as one of the US’s biggest and most trustworthy online poker sites,  Once the pandemic kicked in and people started to stay home more, the platform recorded a 43% growth in their numbers, with a sensational 255% increase in first-time registrations from new players joining the sit. This is how people spent their time indoors.  Whilst some took to baking and posting scrumptious cake pictures on Instagram, others gambled.

As the world awaits second and third waves of Covid-19, other countries are looking into going into another lockdown. As we write this article, Israel is about to impose a mandatory 3-week lockdown ….so what will gamblers be doing worldwide, and which sites should they stick to for some gambling entertainment? Which are the best 50 casinos in the world, to visit, signup, and play?  You can binge on sites owned by 888 Holdings PLC, Bet365 Group Ltd., BetAmerica, AG, Betfred, Betsson AB, Buffalo Partners, DraftKings Inc., Flutter Entertainment, GVC Holdings PLC, International Games Technology, Kindred Group PLC, Playtech PLC, Scientific Games, Sky Betting and Gaming, The Stars Group Inc., William Hill PLC. Make sure you get a hefty bonus along the way!

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