Online Gambling Status & Trends of 2021

The Global Gambling Report shows a significant increase in the popularity of virtual casinos and online betting. Analysts surveyed respondents from 13 countries, and most of them expressed their preference for non-terrestrial gambling establishments.

Key Points of the Global Report

The Global Gambling Report is based on a survey of more than 3,000 respondents. Around 1,000 of them are citizens of France, Italy, Poland, Mexico, India, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, and Spain. And more than 2,000 gamblers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. According to the research results, 63% of respondents preferred to play on virtual platforms instead of visiting terrestrial facilities. 

What is more, most gambling countries are as follows:

  • India (76%);
  • Great Britain (70%).
  • Italy (69%).

Only 58% of respondents from the United States, Germany, and Sweden also chose virtual gambling and the ability to bet online. Interestingly, 56% of Singaporeans also give preference to online games although the gambling industry is officially banned in this country.

Experts explain the growing popularity of online gambling by the pandemic situation, as well as new technologies that are increasingly used by operators in the gambling and betting markets. This is the development of mobile applications, various bonuses, as well as high-end technology that makes the online gambling market grow and develop at a rapid pace. As for the most popular gambling products, 

  • 42% of respondents choose to buy lottery tickets online; 
  • 36% of people prefer to make bets on various sporting events online;
  • 23% of respondents choose to play in online casinos;
  • Only 13% of gamblers said that they come to online casinos to play slot games.

In addition, gambling analysts were also interested to know the attitude of respondents to the field of gambling in general. And only 16% of people believe that operators are interested in adhering to the principles of responsible gaming and combating addiction. Almost 25% of respondents are in favor of a total ban on the gaming industry worldwide.

Key Online Gambling Segments

According to experts from H2 Gambling Capital, the market structure was different between 2018 and 2019. The largest share of the online gambling industry was generated by betting on sporting events. At that time, betting occupied 48.7% of the market, which amounted to more than $19.5 billion in terms of revenue. 

In the second place, there was the online casino industry with a share of 26.8% and $10.7 billion in revenue. Lottery draws (8.9%), poker (6.2%), quests and loot boxes (5.1%) were also on the list. To date, the percentage indicators of presence in the industry have not changed much and generally reflect the overall picture. Sports betting and online casinos are among the leaders.

Development Directions of Gambling in 2021

As the recent data show, the gambling market is developing fast, and there are many drivers that stimulate industry growth. The number of online casinos is on the rise, so you may have problems with finding worthy online gambling venues. If it is a problem that you are faced with, then check top casino lists at

#1 – Regulation as a Means of Combatting the Illegal Segment

Gambling markets must work according to the rules. Otherwise, there are no guarantees of protecting the rights of either gambling establishments or players. In the new conditions, the regulatory bodies of a number of countries revised their legislation regarding the gambling industry. Some have introduced new licensing measures; others have set daily limits on deposits, etc. 

As a result, some states have become more promising for the gambling business. For example, the UK, Sweden, and Belgium introduced restrictive measures, whereas regulatory bodies of Germany began to strictly regulate the industry. The main goal of improving all jurisdictions is to resist the shady segment of the market, direct taxes to the state treasury, and protect the rights of users.

#2 – Mobile Gambling

The world of mobile devices is constantly improving. Today, it is difficult to find a person who does not have a smartphone, tablet, or smart watch. It is no wonder that such a big market is key for developers of online casino applications. Some gambling establishments even offer their own apps so that their players can use mobile gambling solutions anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. 

The number of remote players is increasing every year. The determining factor is the quality of the Internet coverage. Experts believe that the number of people using mobile gambling solutions will grow in the coming years. Some people predict that it will be possible to place bets using smartwatches in 2022-2023 already. According to the EGBA, in 2021, half of the players entered online casinos from mobile gadgets.

#3 – Use of Cryptocurrencies

Players are actively using cryptocurrencies at online casinos as this ensures anonymity and security. And the legalization of assets in cryptocurrencies, coupled with blockchain technologies, makes this trend very promising. It is expected that old means of payment will be replaced by new ones.

#4 – New User Engagement Tools

The emergence of social gambling and the use of VR / AR technologies open new opportunities to gamblers, be it gaining a new user experience or changing the usual patterns of interaction. VR / AR solutions offer fantastic user experience opportunities, but the hardware required remains expensive for many. Apps and programs using VR / AR are currently under development and testing, so a rapid surge in these products in 2022 is not expected. However, some applications already allow players to navigate the halls of virtual casinos and freely interact with other users just like in real life.