How online games are affecting us socially

With most of the sports grounds and recreation facilities closed due to COVID-19, for many people working from home and others on leave, online gaming is gaining popularity. COVID-19 has caged us in our houses, leaving online gaming as the scapegoat to the world we knew. With quality graphics and the ability to communicate with different players from different parts of the world, these games are becoming our main social activities.

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So how has online gaming affected us socially?

  • Improves our social skills

Gone are the days when only one participant could play a game at a time. Games have advanced to a point where you can communicate with a player from anywhere in the world and even start a tournament.

Many online games have introduced a platform where you can chat, start a discussion, create a tournament, and many more features. Some have gone a notch higher by introducing an online tournament where different companies hire the top players to represent them in a worldwide competition.

  • Creates imagination of places and events you have never experienced

Many critics say that watching a lot of television or playing loads of games can make us less creative, and even trigger serious addiction in some people. Spending too long on games is definitely not good for you. However, several studied have shown that children, teenagers, and adults of all ages who play online games tend to be more creative than their non-playing counterparts.

  • Quick decision making

To be a good player, you need to be on the ball, i.e., alert, all the time. You must be ready to make the next smart move. If you don’t, it will cost you the game. For those who have invested a stake (money) in the outcome, not only will their pride be hurt, but also their pockets.

This ability to size up a situation and decide quickly what to do next, which online gamers acquire, is useful in real life, including the world of business. Being able to choose the next move both rapidly and accurately is an essential skill in most upper-management positions.

  • It teaches us the arts of patience and endurance

There is no online game that can be conquered in a day. They all require regular practice and training if you want to become a pro and earn lots of prize-money. In virtually every sport or profession in history, the top players spent many weeks, months, and even years practising.

Patience and endurance is crucial for online gamers who want to succeed. You won’t start winning or earning decent prizes until you have put in your time. Some gamers start by training themselves using free slots where there is no risk of losing money.

Online games play a significant role in the lives of many of us, both socially and economically. Sometimes it affects us negatively, but in most cases the outcome is positive. There has been a lot of talk about online gaming addiction, especially among young adults and teenagers. People who cannot stop, risk losing a lot of money – possibly even their life savings. However, remember that not all games involve money.

If you are a novice or playing online games for fun, you can choose to use free slots.

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