Online Kanban Board: 10 Reasons Why You Need It

Are you searching for great tools to make your teamwork even more efficient? Or maybe you’ve already been using traditional Kanban boards and now you’d like to try online Kanban boards?

What if this switch could boost your team productivity? Is it a really good choice?  What are the main benefits of the online Kanban board? Should you even consider this option?

Keep reading this article to get answers.

Reason #1 – Usability Rules Everything Around Me

Online Kanban boards, such as the best Kanban board software, offer ease of use and accessibility from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility not only streamlines task management but also eliminates the risk of overlapping tasks, especially when multiple teammates are working on the same task.

Reason #2 – Detect Bottlenecks ASAP and Fix Them

With online Kanban boards (OKB), it’s possible to detect the bottlenecks fast. Interactions within a team become much quicker. So it helps to see what prevents from accomplishing the goals and fix it ASAP.

Reason #3 – Everything in One Place

Kanban online board can make the whole team more organized and efficient. In the end, it can save you tons of time on searching the necessary info here and there. So, you can to focus more on things that really matter.

Reason #4 – Focus on ONE Task at a Time

Is multitasking a bad thing? Well, it’s up to you. However, switching between tasks can eliminate up to 25 minutes to restore working on the initial task effectively. Online Kanban board gives you a better opportunity to focus on one single task at a time.

Reason #5 – Even More Flexibility

With the Kanban approach, you can adjust the flexibility of the team as much as you want. Everything is based on cycles. So, the more cycles you have within the set period of time, the more flexible your team can be.

Reason #6 – Easy to Track and Measure Performance

If you’d like to track all the historical data and analyze the whole workflow easier and more effectively, OKB can be a great option to try. All the data is collected automatically for you (even the personal cycle time of each teammate if you want that).

Reason #7 – Higher Level of Security

OKB gives a great choice of levels of access you can grant to your teammates based on their roles. It’s convenient and safe at the same time.

Reason #8 – Elaborate with Remote Team Members More Efficiently

If you have freelancers in your team and they are an essential part of it, OKB can improve the workflow sufficiently. The board is updated in real-time and visible to all participants of the project.

Reason #9 – Easier to Set Priorities and Actually Execute on Them

Thanks to a great level of visibility delivered through OKB, it’s a way easier not only to set priorities of the tasks but also execute them accordingly.

Reason #10 – Integration with Other Tools

You can create various integrations with other tools that you like. It means there are more freedom and creativity to build better workflows.


With so many benefits, online Kanban boards can be a great choice.

However, you need to understand that it’s just a tool.

So, to get the max out of it you should learn how to set up the efficient process using Kanban board in your team.