Online Marketing Guide to Help Your Local Business Withstand Pandemic

The pandemic has shifted the way the world does business. With lockdown measures restricting in-person sales and people staying home and moving to online purchasing, companies have to respond to survive. This article will look at how small businesses are shifting their online marketing plans to help them withstand the pandemic and survive these changing times.

Re-Evaluate Your Company Goals

Chances are your goals before the pandemic hit are quite different from your current company goals. Every marketing plan needs a goal to focus the plan and help measure results. It may be time to adjust your strategy to focus and limit spending energy and resources on benchmarks that aren’t possible right now in the height of a pandemic.

Look at ways to support your workers and your community and allocate spending to more effective strategies like boosting your SEO or online marketing Calgary.

Understand the Importance of Your Online Presence

If people can’t come to your store, it doesn’t mean they don’t need your business. Local businesses that are small enough and noble enough to take advantage of the changing market by switching to online sales have taken advantage of this new market.

More and more customers rely on google search and online listings to find the goods and services they need. Customers must be able to find your business when they do an online search. The top SEO company in Canada can help you build a unique plan to grow your online presence.

Communicate With Your Customers

Pandemic restrictions create a continually shifting landscape, making it hard for customers to know what businesses are open or closed. It is essential to communicate with your customers during this time and make it easy for them to reach you.

Be sure your website is easy to navigate with essential information such as hours, contact info, address, and phone number in an easy-to-find spot. Be sure to share relevant information about how the pandemic has affected your business and what you are doing to keep your customers and employees safe.

Be protective and communicate changes or disruptions to your current customers, so they know what to expect. Similarly, share ways that you are open for business and how customers can reach you.

Make Sure Your Website Works

Your website is one of your most important online marketing tools, so it must work. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make sure it helps your customers find what they need and offers them a reason to stick around. An outdated page with broken links and slow loading images is the fastest way to lost customers and lower your search engine ranking.

Also, be sure to optimize your site for mobile users. More people than ever are using their smartphones to search for things they need. If they can’t see your site, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Use Online Business Listings

If you are in a competitive business industry (and you know who isn’t), it can be challenging to stand out in the overall online search listings. A great way to help local customers find you is to use online business listings like Google My Business, Yelp Business and other industry listings.

A listing in Google My Business gets your business a spot in Google maps and can help local customers find you if they are looking for companies close to them. Most people would rather work with local businesses, and these listings can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and reach customers looking for you.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to communicate and connect with your customers. You can post relevant and helpful information through social media to help your customers navigate the pandemic or share how your company has adapted and changed to keep everyone safe.

Use Keywords

Include important in your site content and posts. Think about words and phrases that your target market is most likely to use to search for your internet marketing company Los Angeles and be sure to include them in your posts. Think about other ways people might find you and any links to your business in current events or trending topics.

Use Analytic Tools

Take advantage of the analytic tools available through Google to monitor and track your marketing plan’s success. These tools can give you insight into where your customers are finding you and how successful your marketing plans are in attracting potential customers.

With this information, you can see what’s working and keep going with that and make changes to keep improving.

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