Is the online privacy often taken for granted really important?

Nowadays, discussions on the complexities of internet security and internet privacy are often relegated to those who are more focused on technology. However, this should not be the case especially as a growing number of individuals, companies, and governments continue to misuse private data online.

In addition, there is more information about us online than ever before. Most people have smartphones that host personal images, addresses and phone numbers, but also bank information, social security information and medical information. This exposure of data, as well as the ease with which it can be shared, means that security breaches can be detrimental to the daily life of any person.

Fortunately, there are multiple options to protect your privacy; one of such options is the use of a VPN. Professional VPN providers are constantly creating new products and new solutions to strengthen internet security. Looking at a lot of data and information that can be lost due to poor security, one can safely say that taking online privacy for granted is risky. If you have been doing this in the past, it is important to turn a new leaf and take your online security very serious.

Internet Society and Privacy Protection

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Social media hacks, as well as other hacks in general, are due to human error and carelessness. Sometimes, the password and username were extracted using a public WiFi or an unsecured connection. In fact, some users give hackers more information voluntarily than one can ever imagine.

We have all seen the message “our staff will never ask for your password” from tech companies, banks, etc. However, many people don’t take this message seriously. Providing your private information to people you do not know is equivalent to making such information public through the National Public Radio

There are many tricksters online and, if someone asks you for your login information, immediately inform the administrators or developers of the platform to block such a person.

Corporate Privacy Policy

It is always beneficial to do something that nobody else is doing. It has become a common knowledge that people don’t read the Privacy Policy that has been provided by online platforms be it a company, retailer or service provider.

This policy, in addition to the End User License Agreement (EULA), sometimes jokingly called the Bible (because everyone agrees without reading) can provide adequate information on your safety.

It is very simple, if you know your privacy rights, you will know how to protect yourself, and if you are not comfortable with any provision of the privacy policy provided by a corporation, you have every right not to get involved with such an organization.

VPN Internet Privacy

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While a VPN is essential in most, if not all, situations on the internet, not all VPN services are the same. There is a big difference between using a simple proxy connection, a free VPN, or Premium VPN that is provided by a professional VPN provider.

As premium protection prices have dropped considerably due to the massive advancement in technology, you have the opportunity to get an excellent option that’s fast and seamless.

In addition, renowned companies now provide VPN services that are applicable to all platforms. This means by using a premium service, you don’t need to combine and match your devices as you can use the same VPN connection for all.

Moving Forward

Indeed, your online privacy should not be taken for granted. Using a VPN proxy will hide your IP, but it will also grant you a tunnel connection that will safeguard your devices from surveillance and metadata collection. This is crucial, since sometimes your privacy may be at risk from your ISP, and this tunnel is the only way to protect your data, information and privacy at all times. Cheers to a safer online community!