Is an online registered agent beneficial to my business?

When it comes to registering your business as a type of structure, you will stumble across a step that needs to be completed and cannot be avoided. This step is choosing whether you want to hire registered agent services or be a self-registered agent. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to weigh out, we have saved you the time of researching endlessly only and have decided to answer the question for you.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent service offers you a professional individual who will help manage all the legal documents, tax purposes, lawsuits, and even annual reports. They will alert you on important upcoming deadlines when needed and can even take the pressure off from handling so much paperwork.

Why should I go for a registered agent?

Registered agent services have great knowledge, useful tools, and years of expertise on how to help manage all the responsibilities for a business. Even though you have to pay a fee for a registered agent, your money is guaranteed to be well spent. Being a self-registered agent will only give you under pressure and limit you in many ways. By being a self-registered agent you are automatically agreeing to have to stay present at the office during the government working hours since you cannot afford to lose out on special delivery, you will risk being sued in front of your friends and family and you have to keep track of all deadlines for important reports.

While it may sound like this can be manageable and easy to do, you also have to consider the fact that you will be combining it with other tasks and responsibilities as a business owner.

What’s the best-registered service agent out there?

There are many companies that offer attractive packages that can either provide you the basic needs or premium features. If you’re looking for a registered agent for an LLC company, the best one for that is ZenBusiness. They charge $99 annually, help you stay on top with all the deadlines that relate to the government laws, accept all legal and tax processes and offer you the kind of assistance that would put your mind at ease.

Northwest is another company that offers a great registered agent service for LLC companies. They keep records of all of your documents online and offer general support as a registered agent. This company has been running since 1998 and only charges $125 a year.

Premium registered agent services

Since we’ve highlighted that some registered agents offer basic packages only, others offer premium packages. Rocket Lawyer is an example of that since they also offer legal advice as well as online security protection. They charge $149 a year for the general registered agent services, but an additional $49.95 a month for their attorneys.

LegalZoom is another company that offers an attractive package including online security protection, premium business services, and experts that can give you excellent support. They charge $159 annually and have dealt with over 8 million customers within the last 18 years.

Our say

Hiring a registered agent has more pros rather than cons. However, if you do choose to hire one, it’s best to have money in a separate bank account that can help you pay for their services annually.

If you’re already receiving hired help for your business formation service, you can always inquire with the company that you’ve hired if they can offer you a registered agent. ZenBusiness is an example of that since they offer you a formation service for LLC companies with a registered agent included.

It’s also good to know that you can change your registered agent at any time after you have completed your formation for your business. It’s a simple procedure and all you need is approval from the registered agents.

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