Purchasing New vs Used Cosmetic Lasers: Everything You Need to Know Before Opening Your Own MedSpa

When opening a MedSpa, there is a lot of equipment you are going to need to offer the range of services customers and clients will expect. While you may think you should start small and grow your services over time, the more you can offer in the beginning, the better chances you will have of attracting a large clientele.

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However, it is understandable to want to save money while growing your business. Instead of limiting your services, you can focus on getting the equipment and supplies you need at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality.

Budget when you can 

Start by making a list of everything you are going to need. Be sure to include equipment that you may initially think is too much or out of your price range. Creating a master brainstorming list will give you a base for your shopping research. You may find that you can actually afford more than you initially thought. Even if you aren’t able to buy everything on your list right away, you’ll still have a springboard for budgeting and future purchases. 

For disposable supplies, you want to see where the cut off is for bulk pricing. Buying ahead may save you enough money to be worth the initial expense. As a business, buying in bulk is common, but it may seem intimidating when you are first starting. It is always important to remember the adage; you have to spend money to make money. You don’t want to open your business and then be unprepared for the traffic you get.

MedSpa image 343222Opt for used equipment

Another way to get what you want while still saving money is by looking at used equipment. For example, you can buy aftermarket cosmetic lasers at a fraction of the cost of new lasers. You probably do not want to buy a used laser directly from a business that is closing or upgrading because you don’t know for sure what you will be getting. You don’t want to invest money in equipment that may not work. 

However, there are companies like The Laser Warehouse that sell aftermarket medical-grade cosmetic lasers that have been thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they are in good working order and ready to be used by new owners. By relying on such businesses, you will be saving money while scoring a top-quality laser.

These are not decrepit or severely outdated lasers that will make your business look bad. They are simply aftermarket lasers that are both effective and usable. You can take advantage of these opportunities and save money to spend on other aspects of your MedSpa. You may even find that by going this route, you’ll be able to secure a nicer laser used than you would have been able to afford new.

Starting a new business can be scary, and spending all the money needed to invest in your new business can be intimidating. However, opening a MedSpa is an excellent opportunity to do what you love while helping others. Instead of thinking of it as spending money, you need to frame it in your mind that you’re investing in the success of your business.

Having the investment mentality, you can still work to save money on individual items so you have more money overall to invest. With the money you save on your lasers, you can upgrade your waiting room or buy the equipment needed to offer an additional service. There are endless ways you can reinvest the money you save while setting up your business. You will have to do some research on the specific items you are looking to buy, but there are always opportunities to save money on supplies and equipment.