Opera Browser’s in-Built Ethereum Wallet for iOS: Is it worth the hype?

Opera Touch initially rolled out an Android version of the wallet in December. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Opera Touch serves as a dApp explorer.

One of the main advantages of the new browser at first glance is that there is no need to download a separate app to use Ethereum Wallet iOS has to offer on the App Store to store crypto. Fair warning: Opera Touch only supports ETH, ERC20 and non-fungible assets.

Since the browser has not been rolled out to iOS, we can only speculate if it is worth the hype before reviews start rolling in. Opera has however rolled out a new desktop browser called Reborn 3 which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Features of the in-built wallet

1. Integrated Wallet

iPhone users will no longer have to download a separate app to trade perform cryptocoin exchange.

2. Browser Sync

The wallet in the computer currently syncs with the browser on Android making sure that the private keys never leave the smartphone. This is a feature that will also be available on iPhones once the Opera Touch launches.

3. 2-factor authentication

When users try to sign a transaction or identify themselves, they will be prompted on the smartphone and the fingerprint will be used for identification.

4. Secure browser

Other blockchain apps can be opened from the browser by simply typing the URL. There is an in-built VPN that will encrypt and protect user data from hackers. This means you can check the GAS to ETH calculator and stay on the same browser to make the transaction.

Some important terms that you need to know

What is Web 3?

This is an umbrella term for technology that will amalgamate cryptocurrencies and blockchains extending the current capabilities of the web.

What are dApps?

dApps are Decentralized applications that are decentralized, open source, and incentivized. Ethereum has a much bigger plan for dApps aiming to solve real-world problems. There are several successful Ethereum based dApps like Golem, Augur and Status.

Opera has definitely taken a step in the right direction by choosing to adopt cryptocurrency early on and possibly paving the path for other browsers to integrate at the same level.

Several phone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung have also taken steps to integrate cryptocurrency signaling a shift in the industry and making a massive push towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

It will be interesting to see what iPhone users think of the Opera Touch once the browser launches.