Opportunities of Google Ads for business

Google Ads image for article 100100Google’s advertising service was launched nearly 18 years ago. The platform started its work on a PPC model. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is also known as CPC or cost-per-click. In this type of advertising model, the advertiser pays, for example, Google, every time somebody clicks on an ad.

Google Ads is an extremely useful tool for businesses if they apply it correctly. It is a massive earner for Google. In 2017, it registered sales of $94.5 billion. As one would expect, businesses across the world use Google Ads as a marketing or advertising tool. If you have a business, have you ever considered using this marketing tool?

ADSMEDIABROKERS has listed below how Google Ads might benefit your business:

Massive scope

Google has a massive share of the global online search market. Ninety percent of all searches outside China are done on Google. A total of 3.5 billion queries are performed by people, businesses, and other entities each day.

A percentage of these queries will include search words related to your business’ niche or sector. Even if it is a tiny proportion, in absolute number terms, it is still significant enough to help boost your business.

Local business impact

According to research carried out by Google, four out of every five queries consist of searches for local products or services.

If your business focuses on the local market, Google is probably the best way to gain new customers and enhance brand awareness. A company’s brand is its image and personality. It reflects how people perceive your product or business.

Precision targeting

As mentioned above, not all Google search words are related to your business niche. This applies to every company in the world, even the largest one. However, some search terms will be of interest to you and could provide the advertising network solution that you have been looking for.

With Google Ads, you can target your marketing messages with surgical precision. For the best return on your marketing expenditure, you want to target just the consumers who are 100% relevant to your product or service. Google’s advertising platform allows you to do this.

With a PPC platform, you can literally kill several birds with one stone. You can focus on, for example, keywords, type of device, and demographics. If your business is only interested in targeting local consumers, you can with Google Ads. You can also target Internet users by focusing on the time of day or days of the week.

Google ads logo image 4949Faster than SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, i.e., trying to improve where you appear on a search result on Google, Yahoo, etc. If somebody searches using the keyword bicycles and your bicycle company appears on the first results page, your website has excellent SEO.

The problem with SEO is that it can take a long time; many months and even years. Google Ads works much faster than SEO. If you want to generate more leads and visitor traffic, there is no comparison.

A well-positioned ad on Google can get you on the first page of a search result immediately, without having to wait for your SEO to gradually improve.

Detailed metrics

The term metrics refers to measurements that show how efficient a strategy, such as a marketing campaign, has been. Metrics might include how many people clicked on an ad, what they did after they clicked, clicks-to-sales ratios, etc.

In traditional advertising media like television, radio, or printed newspapers, marketing professionals have very limited access to metrics. With Google Ads, however, you can gather and analyze an enormous amount of data.

Put simply; with a PPC platform, it is easy to determine how effective and successful your marketing or advertising campaign has been.

Control your advertising expenditure

When you set up your PPC advertising campaign, you know exactly how much it is going to cost. There won’t be any unexpected, last-minute bills.

You can also see precisely how your money has been spent. If you identify a better way of spending it, you can adapt your campaign accordingly.

Advertising on this type of PPC platform is scalable. If you create a campaign that is boosting your sales at a profitable rate, i.e., converting profitably, you can increase your budget immediately so that your leads and profits grow accordingly.

Using Google Ads has many other benefits, including:

  • Traffic often converts better than organic traffic.
  • It is a great complement to your other marketing channels.
  • Most of your competitors are likely to be using this PPC platform.
  • There is compelling proof that it is highly effective.