Why Should I Order My Bank Checks Online?

Why Should I Order My Bank Checks OnlineIt’s not the 1900’s anymore. Why would it be easier to go into my bank if I can fulfill my needs, wants, and convenience of doing the same job from the comfort of my home (or from my toilet)? It is the year 2020 where technology, data, and research are key. It is the era of Generation Y, the teenagers and young adults that prefer culture, progress, and convenience. I don’t want to be sold on extra features or other services other than why I came to the bank. I know what I want, and I don’t want to wait in line for a disappointingly long time just to buy checks from my bank. This can be a paradise from crowded queues in my bank, and I also can shop 24/7, whatever time is best for me.

Ordering (and reordering) one’s checks from one’s bank is often the better option because of two reasons: one, you don’t have to look up your account number and routing numbers and two, you already trust your bank. That is why you work with them and trust them with your financial future. However, this transaction can be “the most expensive way to get new checks,” says Salvador Gonzalez of the Walden University College of Management and Technology.

If working with an online check printer, a potential customer must know that the organization has the right certification from Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA) that is accepted universally, both by banks and merchants alike. When working with the best businesses, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation advances marketplace trust and integrity, and an unwavering commitment to consumers.  Ordering bank checks online will get your checks to you quicker, cheaper, and give you a wider selection.

Quicker Delivery

Online means faster transactions and quicker delivery. For example, Amazon will use the speedier pace of the delivery of their products to convince the public to use their services.  Speed means coherence and confidence to customers.  Speed affects user experience and future sales. Businesses will use promising phrases, such as “next day guaranteed”, “free shipping”, and other standard delivery promises and refunds. For customers, they will most likely return to this site for their professionalism and reliability.

These websites tend to save time in useful transactions, and convenience is the name of the game these days. You can order take out (e.g. Pizza Hut), movies (e.g. Netflix), groceries (e.g. Walmart), and music (e.g. Spotify) online from your computer, phone, and other internet devices. The world is evolving, and the expectation is that we will evolve with it.

Cheaper Prices

It is proven that in terms of the direct-to-consumer check printer, the online options and National Chains (e.g. Costco checks, Sam’s Club, etc.) are cheaper than those of National Banks (e.g. Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.). Let’s look at the price per check and price per the number of checks between the online option versus national bank chains. For example, see CheckAdvantage’s 5 cents ($0.05) per check vs. Chase Bank’s 19 cents ($0.19) per check, and look Checks Unlimited $18.99 for 125 checks versus Bank of America’s $22 for 120 checks. You have the opportunity to compare prices and exciting opportunities to save money with better prices.

You will receive a discounted volume price by buying in bulk. Another way you can save time and money is to avoid other advertisements and just stay focused on the reason why you came to the website (i.e. to refill your checks).

Wider Selection

It’s important to have personalization options when you choose your future product.  An online check refill order offers greater variety and selection whether choosing a color, a style, or add your business logo.  The Guardian US says that that choice is good for us, for our freedom, and independence.


If you find yourself running out of checks and you find that you need a refill, it might be most convenient to ask your bank institution but if you are looking for quickness (e.g. “next day guaranteed”), cheaper, and with a wider variety selection, a trusted online printer is what you will require for your check refill.


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