Original wedding rings – 7 ideas for imaginative bridal couples

Wedding couples want an unforgettable and unique wedding – every little thing counts. Of course, the wedding rings are particularly important because they stand for the connection between the two partners for a lifetime.

You can check flowers diamond engagement rings at segaljewellery.com. For imaginative wedding couples, we have looked for original ideas that will make your rings absolutely unique:

1. Rings related to personality

If you like to define yourself through your hobbies, preferences, and passions, you could also incorporate this into your ring selection. For example, how about rings that represent your personality? It can be anything – from travel to music to your favorite animal. Definitely a proposal for individual couples who love to experience living with their partners!

2. Rings with a hidden message

Wedding couples particularly often rely on a shared secret that is hidden on the inside of the rings – a poem, a saying, or just a word that means a lot. Small but mighty and also a great idea for the bride’s engagement ring!

3. Rings with a special photo

Technology makes it possible – nowadays it is also possible to add a photo on your rings. This is of course a great way to immortalize the two of you and make a visual statement with your rings.

4. Scrabble rings

How about a very playful copy? For fans of the classic game Scrabble, there is also the creative option of having a special word with four letters on the rings of their choice – keep experimenting and immortalize your personal message!

5. Braille rings

How about a message that you cannot only read but also feel? Rings decorated with Braille are extremely original and classic – here you can hide your secret message directly in the wedding rings and feel them every day!

6. Rings engraved with fingerprints

Whether the partner’s fingerprints or maybe even those of the children, heart-shaped or not. There are numerous versions of how you can personalize your ring with a fingerprint. One thing is certain: uniqueness – like the fingerprint.

7. Rings with Roman numerals

Another popular option is to immortalize your personal wedding or meeting date in the rings. This is very stylish and classic when the date is written in Roman numerals.

The desire for similarities between the women’s and men’s rings is of course still a trend. However, it is no longer as strictly ritualized as it used to be in the past. For example, the widths may vary from lady to lady.

Ladies currently like to choose a more filigree variant with a width of around 2 to 4 millimeters in order to combine the wedding ring with an engagement ring or later with an elegant eternity ring.

Of course, the wedding ring can also be set with diamonds. But if you are not sure whether you prefer a combination or whether you want to make the wedding ring sparkle yourself, you answer this question in peace after the wedding.

Each wedding ring can also be upgraded with diamonds afterward, but the way back is more complicated. So think carefully in advance whether you want to opt for diamond rings.

For the groom, the ring is usually the only accessory on the hand or wrist besides the wristwatch. A sensible equivalent to the stones in the women’s ring is not found for the man, so the focus can be placed on the shape, color, and width of the ring.

The proportion in relation to the size of the hand and the length of the fingers is very important.

Only death do us apart

Wedding rings should be prepared in terms of both style and quality to last for many decades. Platinum (950) and gold (585 and 750 respectively) are the ideal metals for this long distance. However, this does not say anything about processing quality. Both precious metals are naturally very soft and therefore particularly in need of processing.

It is only through a complex compression process that they are prepared for daily use over a period of decades. Let the production of your wedding rings be explained to you in advance, as the differences in resistance are difficult to see for an untrained eye.

If you choose platinum, you shouldn’t compromise and trust the high 950 platinum alloy. Lower platinum alloys dilute the natural advantages of the most precious of all metals:

Toughness: This prevents the platinum ring from losing relevant mass over time.

Skin compatibility:  Platinum is the only hypoallergenic precious metal and is therefore particularly recommended for dermatological problems.

Weight: Platinum has a wonderfully hand-flattering feel, the weight of which is of course not a burden, but underlines its high quality.

Color: The natural platinum color exudes a noble understatement and this remains constant compared to white gold.

Gold (yellow, rose, red or white gold) should be chosen in the alloys 585 or 750. The corresponding fine gold proportions, 58.5% or 75%, are a good basis for guaranteeing high-quality and robust rings with complex processing. Higher and lower gold alloys should be avoided when choosing a wedding ring.

The trend towards the extraordinary

The ephemeral fashion trend was and is the worst advice when choosing the perfect wedding ring. Trends become obsolete after a short period of time, are replaced and at some point shamefully ridiculed.

The perfect wedding ring should represent you without a doubt, but always under the premise that this ring will accompany you for a lifetime. Normally, you will see many trends rushing with time in the course of your life, but the one you choose will remain forever and express its specialty calmly, stylishly, and timelessly.

Forever yours, forever mine, forever us

Selecting the wedding rings yourself is of course an interesting way to give your own wedding ring a personal touch. Of course, there are certain limits to the processing quality.

Everyone has to answer for themselves whether they also have the creative ability to create the ideal wedding ring with professional guidance.

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