Our Favorite Wake & Bake Routines

It’s no secret that people love getting high on herbs. Whether it’s marijuana, a bong hit, or a joint, everyone receives the morning high they need to start the day right.

However, finding the perfect wake and bake routine can be challenging. Not all ideas are available everywhere, and even if a magical herb is found, it can take hours to prepare.

So, we decided to find out how the pros do it. Finally, we came up with a list of the best wake and bake tips to get you high without wasting your time. These will get you straight no matter where you are or what’s a hand.

Wake & Bake Meaning?

When it comes to wake and bake meaning, it varies from place to place. We know that it is commonly used to refer to a specific style of cannabis consumption in some states. But for now, we will refer to wake and bake as becoming high or very stoned immediately after waking up. An alternative definition is that it is the first high of the day.

Wake & Bake Routines are the steps in getting high early in the morning; like preparing your wake and bake mug, that should be followed to have a successful wake and bake session.

Wake & Bake Routines

1. Choose The Right Strain

The first step in your wake and bake routine would be choosing the right strain of marijuana to consume. It is always advisable to select a strain that makes you energized. If you are tired, you cannot be productive, so try to pick a strain that offers a nice energizing effect and makes you alert.

2. Prepare Your Wake & Bake Mugs

Your wake and bake routine would require wake and bake coffee mugs that should be used to heat your weed. This wake and bake coffee mug should be made of non-porous materials like ceramic or glass as they can act as a filter for your smoke. If you are worried that these mugs might be expensive, don’t worry. In fact, after a few uses, you will save money in the long run because these mugs need replacement less often.

3. Clear Your Schedule

Your wake and bake routine is not complete without a busy day ahead. It is advisable to clear your schedule of any obligations that may hinder your productivity. Make sure you are alone in the house so as not to be interrupted during your session.

4. Creature Comforts

It is advisable to have creature comforts whenever you are consuming marijuana. For instance, your home should be comfortable because you just hopped out of bed and will probably be relaxed if you are at home. The room should be clean, bright, and peaceful. You have to prepare everything before the actual act of consumption.

5. Prepare Breakfast

If you plan on consuming marijuana in the morning, it is advisable to have a healthy breakfast. This is because marijuana will increase your appetite and make you hungry. The maximum benefit that you can get from consuming marijuana will be if it is consumed at Breakfast because it will balance out your hormones and give you a regular meal.

6. Smoke First, Shower Second

It would be advisable to smoke first, then take a hot shower. It has been proven that marijuana increases your body temperature, and the effects will be felt more if you first smoke and then shower. This is because the steam will increase the impact of the THC-O.

7. Use Eye Drops Before You Go Out

Marijuana can cause red eyes. This circumstance is worsened because your eyes will stay red for a while even if you have already taken a shower. If you want to get rid of it, you could use eye drops before taking a shower so that your red eyes will be less noticeable once the steam starts to appear.

8. Stay Hydrated

Marijuana can cause dryness in your mouth. It is because the THC irritates your mouth and then causes dryness. To get rid of this problem, you could either drink lots of water or have some mints.

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