Our Pick Of The 2022 Interior Design Trends To Watch

For a long time, interior design was a space considered only for the rich and eccentric. However, with a clearer understanding of its importance, it has gained so much popularity to become a highly profitable industry. Today, home interior design is taking the world by storm, and the varying trends have become the go-to for many homeowners as they style their homes.

Beyond beauty and the latest décor styles, interior design is also an outward expression of your tastes and preferences. So, if one of your primary goals this year is to make some changes and perform an aesthetic revamp of your home, here are some of the 2022 interior design trends to watch.

It’s important to be aware that interior design trends vary from country to country and even city to city. For example, interior design Toronto could be totally different from interior design in a place like Tokyo or Edinburgh. With that said, let’s look at some of the most common elements of interior design that are popular in most metroplitan areas.

Bright Colours

Colour makes the world more interesting. Moreover, your choice when working with multiple options and the creativity you employ in mixing and matching them can really help you make a statement.

2022’s interior colour trends draw inspiration from the world of fashion. So, reflecting the pieces you saw strutting down the runway, you may plan to opt for warmer hues that reflect fun and familiarity in your home remodel. There is a wide range of tones you can select from, including blues, pinks, yellows, reds and purples. Each colour is formulated with a particular shade type to give you a pop that will delight and inspire.

Back To Nature

This year, it is time to bring the outdoors inside. During quarantines and lockdowns, the time spent in the homes has helped many homeowners rediscover a love of plants. As a result, there is now more greenery within every living space, with different plant varieties being incorporated into the home décor.

As a complement to the plants, there is also the anticipation of increased use of natural fibres. Therefore, it is best to have seat upholstery, cushion covers, and rugs made of materials like linen, bamboo and wool.


Marble has been a home décor mainstay for a long time, with good reason. The stone is a sturdy and durable material that still evokes a feeling of luxury and elegance. Marble was primarily used for kitchen countertops and bathroom counters, flooring, and wall coverage until recently. However, enterprising designers have stepped out of the box and explored new uses for marble.

The latest trends now present marble tabletops on various pieces of furniture, including the dining table, nightstands and lounge stools.

Maximalism And Vintage Aesthetics

For a long time, homeowners and stylists kept to the minimalist Scandinavianinterior design style. It became even more widespread after Marie Kondo’s Konmari Method was brought to the attention of global audiences. Now, there is a general and significant shift toward maximalism.

This year, homeowners are encouraged to embrace the idea of mixing and matching various aspects, including artwork, furniture and materials. Moreover, some judicious incorporation of vintage pieces with more personal touches will serve as a creative outlet and a form of expression.

2022 is shaping up to be another electrifying year in interior design with trends that will help you get your home looking new and fresh. So contact your local interior design specialist today to get started on the journey to creating an aesthetic that will elevate your living spaces and inspire awe and exclamations of impress in your guests.

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