4 Secrets to Out of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising is a form of advertising that is as old as time. It all started with hand painted or drawn advertisements posted around town, now it has expanded to be a huge industry with new technologies like digital billboards.

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With any sort of marketing there is a more effective way to do things. To optimize your advertising campaign, you may want to work with an ooh advertising agency that can help you with the secrets of outdoor advertising. Until then, you can consider these 4 secrets that make your advertising strategy increase your customer base as large as possible.

Location Data

Implementing any strategy is useless if you cannot track your progress to make adjustments and improve your results.  Out of home advertising allows you to utilize location data. This data is tracking where people are located and overall, where you will have the most views of your advertisements. This will allow you to pinpoint points of interest (poi) for people and make sure that you will gain the most amount of views.

Make sure that you utilize this feature of your advertising agency so that you can make sure you have the best location possible for your out of home advertisement.

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Something that you might not have thought of is you will get more out of seeing a boring advertisement a hundred times than you will seeing an amazing one once. While you should not shoot to have an unappealing advertisement, you should note that location is key. You want to have the same people see the same advertisement as many times as possible.

Increased frequency leads to a higher chance that people will choose your business over others. When your business or product becomes familiar to a person, they are more likely to remember it and use it. Overall, when choosing a location, you want it to be somewhere that is frequently passed, such as on a busy highway where people drive to and from work.


Another way to make your out of home advertising stand out from the crowd is by having an element of interaction. By making a call to action for the viewers to do an action when they see your ad, they will be more likely to remember it and feel more connected to it.

A great example of this is having a hashtag, a QR code, a song, or an action for the viewer to complete. When they complete the action, they will feel more invested in your product, and it will make them recall it again later if they do something similar. Having a call to action on your advertisement engages your audience and increases the chances of them supporting your business.

Mixed Marketing

While outdoor advertising is a great strategy on its own, it is even better when used in a mixed marketing approach. This is when you use other marketing strategies in conjunction with your out of home advertising efforts.

Other strategies you can combine them with are social media ads or direct mail. By combining strategies, you can increase the frequency of your message to customers and prevent sign fatigue where they see it too many times in the same way that they ignore it. Using a mixed marketing approach is a key secret to a successful advertising campaign.

Overall, outdoor advertising is a great way to engage your current customers and to gain new ones. With ooh advertising you are able to reach such a wide audience and introduce your business to people that would have otherwise never heard of it. By utilizing these secrets, you can make your advertising campaign even better.


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